Teasing step daughter

Over the last four or five months my step daughter, who's just turned 19 has been flashing me her breasts and ocassionally when her moms not home, her pussy as she sits opposite me. She's always been a very advanced young lady and I'm sure her boyfriend at the time, took her virginity at the age of 15. Lately though even if her mom is present, she's been extremely daring. Last week after getting out of the shower and seeing her mom in the kitchen, she stripped in front me. She took her bath robe off, then putting her right leg up on th e couch next to me my step daughter put two fingers along her pussy slit and slowly as if it was perfectly normal, inserted two fingers inside of herself. Her mom shouted for me help in the kitchen, but before I could get up with a rising boner in my shorts, my step daughter took out her fingers and put them to my lips. I have to admit I was dying to stick my face right into her pussy after I'd tasted her sweet juicey pussy off her fingers, but as an adult and being her step dad, I held off. The day after with my wife having just left for work, my step daughter walked into our bedroom. There was no mistaking what she had in mind as once again she was naked. Looking at her beautiful slim body and her pert breasts, instantly made me hard. Just like the day before it was my wife who stopped anything happening. She'd forgotten her work diary and as soon as my step daughter heard her enter the house, she bolted back to her room. By the time my wife left again, it was time for me to get ready for work and leave. The last few days have been torture for me, that's because I know as I've been fucking my wife, her daughter has been listening, and the reason I know is she sent me a text yesterday and the reason I'm confessing. It said "Love hearing you fuck her, wish it was me, maybe one day soon it will be". I cannot lie, I'd absolutely love to fuck my steop daughter, she is after all a stunningly beautiful young woman, but I genuinely do love my wife. It's not easy fighting off the sexual desires I've now got my step daughter. And I don't know if it came to having the chance to sink my cock deep up her pussy and asshole, that I wouldn't do it.


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  • She is gaging for it

  • Dad you should have popped her cherry before 15

  • Well my girlfriend has a very hot 3 yo! Hopefully in a few years time I'd have the privilege to fuck her as Well

  • Do it now mate

  • If you don't I will send her to llanbradach south Wales UK

  • Her pussy is perfect now, not to fuck but finger and lick is hot with little ones and they suck real good

  • My wife sat down and listened. But it did not go well. She didn't want to hear that her daughter was doing these things, and didn't want to believe it. Said that it must have been me who was imagining these things, and that I was f---ed up for even thinking that way. I was in shock, like f***, I am screwed, this little bitch is playing me. So I stopped almost all contact with her (my SD) other than basic hello's and goodmorning's...etc. However, she still stares at my crotch and hums or sighs, she always places her shoes on or next to my shoes, puts her car keys over my car keys on the hanger when she has her own hook, and she stashes articles of my clothing in her room, and wears my shirts without asking. She also makes it a point now and then to say that she's "legal", and act like she doesn't know what that means. So I am confused as hell about her intentions, and/or what she wants. I'll be honest, she is beautiful, and has become very sexy over the last 1-2 years. And yes, I have had thoughts of doin the nasty with her. But she scares the crap out of me. I dont trust that if I approach her and say something about sex, that she won't go running to her mom. Not sure how to take or read her actions and what it all means. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Not a chance she will tell they love cock

  • Your a lucky man to have a step daughter give you the privelege of eating and fucking her pussy. I would cum all up in her and eat her pussy afterwards if she told me too!

  • Pussy and ass filled with cum if she was mine

  • My stepdaughter turned 18 about 4 months ago. I have been married to her mom for 12 years. Starting around when my SD was 12, up until about a year ago, she would tease me all the time. Lay on the couch with her head in my crotch, stare at my crotch and smile or sigh, walk in on me when I got out of the shower (like open a closed door and come in), always stand really close to me, and brush up against, give me seductive looks, an occasional panty flash (never any skin), stand across the kitchen counter from me, pull her shirt down and look at her own boobs, lay on the adjoining couch and put her naked feet on my arm, and make insinuating comments from time to time. I would play back a little, not too much because the whole situation had me nervous. So she would tease me, and I would slightly respond in some way, nothing major. And within a few days or weeks, the next thing I know, my wife is jumping in my ass about whatever it was that I did in response to the flirting. I mean we are talking minor stuff like brushing back against her, maybe a light comment in response to hers, etc... like I said, nothing major. But major enough to my wife to cause her to go off hard on me. I was always wanting to protect my SD, and not tell her mom what she was doing. But after getting chewed up and spit out a few times, I decided to tell my wife everything that my SD was doing.

  • At 12 with her head in your lap you should have pulled your cock out and had her suck it

  • Might as well.. I fucked my exs daughter after months of back and forth debate about it. Pussy was amazing. Best was in the laundry room while her mom sleep for graveyards. It was a quickie but enough time for me to pound her pussy doggystyle and squirt in her

  • I must admit do like to tease my uncle and get him all hot and bothered I do it when mum or dad is in, I sit opposite him on the sate with my legs open without any knickers on, he is always looking at my arse and tits when he thinks ime not looking, I tease him because he is a dirty old man he has his hand in his pocket a lot I can see him playing with himself and doesn't hide it when I look, I do like having a look and thinking how big his dick is
    I do imagine him groping me and stripping me, I am a dirty bitch myself
    Should I let him touch me I am tempted I suppose I should let him because I tease him. Should I, if I do there would be no stopping him?,

  • If you are teasing him you should let him have you. That's so hot. I wish u were my niece.

  • Your a woman you can fuck whoever you want whenever you want! It's a privelege for a man to have sex with you! Remember that and be dominate over any man you want!

  • Have to admit, not step, but..Niece's friend (friends, actually). She's 19, very pretty, great smile and body, and likes to flirt and mess around with me. Sticks her ass in my face, lifts her shirt up and flashes me her so-perfect tits, and leans on my shoulder like I'm her bf.

    When they were in dance together, I did the "father-daughter" dance with my niece, as her parents are divorced, and, sometimes, the instructors made us guys switch partners so we'd learn to dance with any of the girls. I had "Christie" (name change) several times, and each time..My hands sneakingly roamed all over her. Just had to be careful her dad didn't catch me or us. One part had the girls sitting on our knee, on the floor, and during practice, I'd sneak my left hand in and grab her ass. She loved it.

    This past Summer, Christie was home from college, and wanted to say Hi, as we'd always gotten along well and I genuinely like her. She also wanted to show me some things she'd learned at college. While we didn't have time to actually fuck (yet..but I am working on it), that girl gives a hell of a hand job. Hoping to see her during the holidays, and finally have at her.

  • Eat that pussy!

  • I am 17 and seven months ago my step dad took my virginity and it hurt like hell. I didn't talk to him for several weeks and mom asked what was going on with me and I started in crying and told her everything and she basically called me a lying whore and for me to get out of her house and just about threw me without anything but my clothes and I went to live with Grandpa and Grandma.
    Then one day after being out of mom's home for three months I get a text from my stepdad saying he really was sorry and wanted to see me, I told him I didn't want to see him but he was persistent and kept sending me texts. After several weeks I agreed to have lunch with him and me met at Burger King cuz that's where I wanted to meet. Someplace crowded and in public, Grandma told me this. Yes I confided in Grandma for she is probably the only one that knows everything about my step dad and what he did to me. We had lunch and he kept telling me he was sorry for what he did and he just said his cock got so hard thinking of me he couldn't control his actions and he kept telling me if given the opportunity he'd really love to be forgiven and given another chance but mom would never have to learn of us meeting for she is still really angry at me she says it was all my fault. Dad and I met several times a week for lunch and we spent several hours together and I began trusting him again then it happened. I was getting ready to leave and he kissed me good by and he went wild again and before I managed to get away he raped me again, this time I ended up in the hospital for three weeks and the police got involved. I had to go to court and tell my side of the story and even tho I didn't tell everything he did to me h got 12 years in prison. Mom still blames me for everything and said I lied on the stand for Jim would never violate me the way I said he did.

  • Nice

  • My gf has 32size boobs. But she is fucking hot during sex.We are in a serious relationship from last 3 years.Usually we had sex 2-3 times in a week.We love each other.Actually i have a serious addiction of masterbate due to which I usually cum in 5 min when I fucked her faster and harder.and she wanna get fucked harder and faster only... She luvvs it. Yesterday I was put my 2 fingers inside her pussy n fingering inside her like anything. She told me at that tym like that......fuck me like that. I wanna get fucked like that...faster and harder....When you will fuck me like that for half n hours.. It turned me on....but at the same time I feel embarrassed also that m not able to fuck her properly. I wanna satisfy her with my dick....Any Suggestions

  • Let her fuck other men and watch her. Every woman should have their sexual desires filled no matter what it is

  • I encourage my wife to fuck a stranger she gets so wet just talking about it. We have a great sex life we have had an open sex life for years. I have paid for a private stripper for her and a massage once a week where she sucks his cock. She told me from day one she has several friends with benefits. I once filmed her take on two well hung strangers she was an animal I still get hard just thinking of her being a horny little slut She has brought woman home for me to fuck and brags to her friends how big and thick my cock is and always offers me to fuck them. She has multiple o watching me fuck her friends. Our open sex life has been so good I can’t imagine either of us being with just one partner. She has told me about some of her wild sex stories she has such a hot body big tits with big hard nipes she loves to show. She wears a tight dress no bra her nipes nice and hard the more men stare the harder her nipes get and her pussy is wet. She teased my two young workers so much they walked around with hard cocks all the time making her so horny she told me she wLked in on bob in the shower stroking his cock she said it was so huge she couldn’t take her eyes off it she froze there watching him cum line a tap knowing he was thinking of her lol. That night she walked out of the shower drying herself in front of both studs she asked bob to come rub her back with cream he was all over that she turned around to see his cock hard as a rock he tried to cover but she told him don’t be shy I watched you cum in the shower now I want you to fuck me she said he started licking her wet shaved pussy then bent her over and buried his monster in her making her squirt hard he only lasted a few seconds but she will fuck hum again now she wanted to see if Ted was as big as she heard she asked me to have him work home tomorrow she told me she’s going to tease him hard and try get him to fuck her. I told her to do whatever her pussy wants and she said she has a surprise her niece

  • Fuck her it will be a real good prealsure to all the people on this site

  • IF i was you i be fucking the daylights out of her and filling her belly with all my spunk, so go on give what she want and fuck the arse off her

  • Fuck her and tell us about it. I am so wet right now.

  • I realy want to fuck your wet pussy xxxx

  • Do mine plzzz

  • I feel there is nothing at all wrong with Incest between 2 consenting adults. As long as no one gets pregnant, and there is complete discretion so no one knows and no one gets hurt. Sometimes complete families practice incest even though it is illegal. I the young adults are at least 15 and older I feel it is acceptable. The only problem being is the young adults start to brag and then all hell breaks loose. There must be communication and understanding that discretion is most important. Sex if openly shared can be very sensual, enjoyable and satisfying and not dirty at all.

    I def. do not condone young children being molested and

  • I feel the same as u

  • Sweetbrit! I totally agree! I've enjoyed having an extremely enjoyable,sexually, satisfying and gratifying relationship with my oldest brothers daughter or my niece! It started out almost the same way with her flashing me her panty covered 18yr old pussy and dark brown pubic hair as she pulled her heels up to her ass while wearing skimpy shorts! As I watched my own growing cock began to push outward from my shorts, along my leg. I knew it must've been visible somewhat but not sure how much,so looking away but still watching from the corner of my eye's, she looked downward and had to see her uncles now fully erect cock peeking at her!? So as I watched her looking, I shifted a little to allow more to show but I didn't know how much until she said,"Goodness uncle!Looks like your thinking of something really good!"I acted like I didn't know what she meant and looked at her which by now her legs were spread apart as she gawked openly at my full exposed, rock hard cock.
    I leave it there for now!!

  • I hope you fucked her! Women should get what they want whenever they want

  • Not incest its a step daughter

  • Sex and hormones go together. I feel it is fine to fuck your step but it has to be very discrete and never let her Mom your wife know ever.. It is normal I have discovered after much research that sex and hormones (horney) are normal. We as a society have been reared it is wrong and sex has been made to be dirty. Your wife would not understand unless she was in a similar situation. enjoy but be careful and use birth control.

  • If you need to chat donnalee1950@yahoo. Enjoy

  • Hi there tell me what’s your thoughts on sex with stepdaughter? I have a 30 year old one who wants to fuck me have no a hard time saying no

  • If anybody wants to discuss anything with someone who is fairly neutral and unbiased in most things feel free to contact me at Padre2k@riseup.net and I will be glad to help you figure things out. Or just listen!

  • I'm older now, but when I was in my early-teens my mum remarried I was turned on by this strange, good looking man who was suddenly in the house and in my life. Tom was very aware that I was an adolescent growing, but I was only aware of him being the first proper man in my life - not a boy, an actual man who wasn't my dad or an uncle of something. I teased him rotten by parading in bras and panties or in bath towels or even nude, shaving my legs or pussy with the door open, sitting close to him, eating my food in a sort of seductive cheeky fashion. A couple of times Mum got annoyed and told me to behave - saying I had to be grown up now I was a teenager. Of course I didn't and just became more devious. I used to masturbate after one of my teases and imagine my step dad was fucking me and taking my virginity. I got over the phase, but Tom hadn't. Eventually, when I was eighteen and had a proper boyfriend, I got stuck out one night after we had a row. I phoned home, all in tears and my step dad came to rescue me in the car. We went for a drink, it was close to last orders, and Tom started saying all these wonderful things about me and about how he couldn't believe a man could treat such a beautiful girl so mean. I don't know if it was a deliberate come on or not, but I ventured to kiss him and he responded. It was like a fire was lit. We fucked in the car in the pub car park. Next day I visited him at his work and we went to a hotel for one hour at lunchtime. We kept finding ways and places to do it. The sex was really exciting and it made me horny knowing it was my step dad, the one man I'd fancied when I was younger. It didn't matter he was a now bit paunchy, it was because he was such a 'romantic' figure in my formative years. I think if I'd had siblings it might have been different, but there was no one else to share the love and attention. Mum and he split up, but she still doesn't know that I still fuck her ex behind my own husband's back.

  • That's so kinky... but taboo-ish. Sexy story.

  • Naughty girl. I love women like you!

  • Really hot! I fully understand and have been in your stepdads shoes ! So hot so amazing and so damn naughty....

  • All to well do I know the feelings you get from your step daughters. Yes three of them 15, 16 and 17. It was the youngest that started it all sitting on my lap grinding her puss against my cock making me hard as hell till I was about to cum in my shorts. Them Amy the oldest replaced Cindy and Amy at times wouldn't wear underwear and that was more than I could handle. Bonny the middle one took much longer but it was about two months later she came and sat on my lap but she wasn't wearing underwear. and her puss was so swollen I almost fainted when I saw her bending over in front of me. That day I took all three girl's virginity and I was totally outta control. The old saying a hard cock has no conscience I didn't believe till that day there was no stopping me even tho I tried. My cock was the hardest it ever has been and there was no stopping me, guess it would have been rape if it wasn't for the girls fucking me to boot. For five hours it was a fuck fest like you wouldn't have believed and I still don't believe it happened but it did and I truly loved every minute of it. Their pusseys was so tight on my 7 1/2 cock I made all three of them bleed and they didn't care about the pain of loosing their virginity but just kept fucking me over and over till all four of us layed together on the living room floor then we noticed the time gads their mom would be home in half a hour so we all got up showered together got dressed and no sooner got on the couch turned on the TV and in she walked and plopped down beside us. God and I was still hard as a rock and my cock was throbbing and to top it all off Amy reached over gave my cock a squeeze and smiled at me licking her lips all I could do is close my eyes to keep from seeing that beautiful 17 year old.
    To this day we still have sex when we can and it is totally awesome with all three.l

  • Yes, one of my ex stepdaughters caught me licking other stepdaughters pussy and she wanted some of the same, my dick was sucked by them a lot after this, I’m 9 inches and it’s almost daily now

  • My step sister does this to me too. My Dad, bought her a boob job and now she keeps flashing me. She doesn't show him (as far as I know.)

    Her mom has been mad at my dad since he bought the new boobs for her Christmas present.

    She comes in my room and flirts with me and has become THE definition of a cock tease.

    She's pretty, I'll admit that, but inside she is such a bitch. If she ever broke me down to where I would fuck her I know she would use that for leverage and get whatever she wants.

    Now that I think about it, she did show dad her boobs once in front of mom and dad after they healed. She even let dad feel her up.

    Fuck...I want out of this house

  • Last summer my stepdad walked in on me when I was changing into my swim suit and I froze. I couldn't say anything or do anything, I just stood there totally exposed for him to look at and that he did. He reached out took hold of me and gave me not a dad/daughter kiss but one of desire as his hands cupped my bare breasts and started in teasing my nipples making me horney as hell, kissing my lips and my neck going lower and lower sucking on one nipple kneading my breasts as if to get milk flowing I started in breathing erratically and his hands were all over me groping a feel when he could and showering me with kisses all over me. He sat on the toilet supporting one massive hard on he pulled me towards him I straddled him and he raised up putting his cock against my wet lips and I slid down onto him, I fucked him making him cum in me and then he fucked me for another half hour making me cum on him time and time again, don't know when we got onto the floor but he was fucking me again and in walked his brother, dad was done and he got up asking Ted if he wanted me and before he could answer he was on top of me putting my legs over his shoulders giving me what he had. I thought dad was huge but nothing compared to Ted a good 7 inches and that much around and he was ramming it all in me. His balls was slapping my ass he was pushing me across the floor and it wasn't long till my head was against the tub and he continued to fuck me, long deep strokes to a rip ass pounding he was giving it all to me time and time again I cum on his cock and he started in again with deep slow strokes and I felt what I thought was his hands upon my breasts but he was pinching my nipples making them harder than they were already but when I opened my eyes there was my nephew playing with my breasts taking one nipple into his mouth sucking almost hurting but making me cum again on his dad's cock then they switched places and then Ted got on top of me and Ron beneath me and they doubled me.

  • Fkn hot

  • Very hot

  • God a girl will do anything for cock when she gets turned on

  • Can't help it when I do get turned on I want cock and more of it. Last week end went to a party smoked out a bit got to high and let 9 guys have their way with me. God what a night.

  • Forward the text to her mom while you are speaking to her mom. get her in on it, or stop the step-daughter.

    you could win big, or prevent losing big.

  • I married a woman who had a 19 year old daughter. When her daughter would visit I would often walk into a room where they were chatting and they would look at me and my step-daughter would stare at my crotch and smile, or they would suddenly stop talking and the two of them would giggle about an inside joke. I started to feel insecure about myself thinking that perhaps my wife was finding me inadequate, but our sex life was great.

    On my next birthday my wife told me she had a special present for me and it was on the bed. I thought maybe it was some sexy lingerie that she was going to wear to bed tonight. When we walked into the bedroom my daughter was under the covers and lifted them off to show me she was naked. I went out to my wife and asked if this was a joke. My wife took me by the hand and walked me to the bedroom then told me that she and her daughter talk about everything, and don't keep a thing from each other. Her daughter knew they had great sex and wanted to try it with you, so they arranged this.

    I thought it was some weird fidelity test and almost expected a detective or someone to pop out of the closet. My wife crawled in bed with her daughter and they started cuddling and kissing. That got me horny as hell and I joined in. It was the best sex I ever had and after that my step-daughter comes over all the time now and either joins us in bed or asks her mom if it's okay...then takes me to bed alone.

    I just wish that something like this happened when I was much younger.

  • I am 20 and mom and I have no secrets. Mom and I even shared one of her past time lovers. Yes she has had several affairs just for sex that dad don't know about and mom has shared me with dad many times since I turned 1. I gave dad the best birthday present I ever could, my virginity, he was so gentile with me and got me so aroused it was heaven when he put his cock into me and fucked me till he filled my puss with his cum. I screamed very loudly when he broke my hymen tho I wonder if the neighbors heard.

  • Sex and horny hormones go together. It is sooooo very natural to get horny. You are very lucky your wife and step-daughter are open sexually. I think it is awesome you all can share a special sexual experience. Life is short and sex is completely normal instinct we all have. Wish some people did not make it seem dirty. Once again you are very lucky. I am a married 65 yr old woman and I love my sex.

  • There's no way this ends well.

    My step daughter and I have been having sex off and on now for the past 10-years. She was 16 when we started and now she's a mother with 2 step daughters of her own and a son from her husband.

    I'm not positive, but her 4-year old son looks more like my than her husband. I'm pretty sure he's mine.

    I spent this past weekend with her and the kids while her husband was away for a conference. She spent the entire time working to get me hard, keep me hard, and coax as many loads out of me as she could. Just when I thought I was completely drained she pulled the trump card and told me she wasn't on birth control any more and wanted to have a daughter of her own. Then she started mentioning how she wanted to see her twin step-daughter's swollen with my children as well.. and they're only 15!

    I know I'm lost. I'm going to hell, if not jail.

  • Time to start fucking the little ones

  • Fuck that young pussy mmmm

  • I did fuck my step daughter many times , she was 21 and to be honest with you it was the best sex I ever had , it feel so good , some times I try to imagine her while I'm doing some body else cos she is married now and doesn't come around any more ... But it was really great experience .

  • I agree it happens more than people think. I seduced my stepdad so I speak from experience. We didn't exactly have an affair, just sex on occasion. I loved every minute and mom never knew.

  • Nothing to be ashamed of. Sex is a very normal act and we all have the instinct. We are only human and get horny and have sex. Rather related or not!! It is normal to satisfy our sexual desires and needs. Enjoy life is too short

  • I think you should give in to it. I really want my stepdaddy to fuck me. I watched him jerk off once and now all I think about is his cock. I think about it all the time and thinking about it is the only way I can make myself cum when I finger myself. I always leave the shower door open and stuff, hoping he'll see me but I just don't know how to get him to fuck me :( I agree with the anon that says young girls have daddy fantasies. Pleeeeease just fuck her!

  • Well you should tease him maybe when he’s taking a shower and ask him if he will show you things about sex or teach you, if you lusting for his cock, then you want it

  • What do I do to get her to fuck

  • I would like to talk in email. I have questions maybe you can answer?

  • Shawngrubbs888@gmail.com

  • Sure! What do you want to talk about? :)

  • I am the other "anon" who commented on this. Yes, I also agree young girls have daddy fantasies, but fucking a stepdaughter is well beyond the realm of understanding. My whole world has turned upside down and nothing will ever be the same for me, my wife or my stepdaughter. I cannot help myself because sex with my stepdaughter is magnificent and overwhelming. Sex with my wife is routine, boring and unsatisfying. I do it now only because it's expected of me. God help me.

  • Yeah, I haven't actually fucked my stepdaddy so I wouldn't know. The daddy fantasies are so strong though :( But I know it would be wrong.

  • Don't do it. Don't even let him know you want to.

  • My stepdaughter came to me maybe 5 months after her mother and I got married (I won't tell you her age because if we'd done anything, I would of gone to jail and I would not have passed "GO" or collected any money) and she asked me if I had started fantasizing about fucking her instead of her mother. I was so stunned I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing. She said she knew I wanted her (which was true), and that I was more turned on by her than by her mother (also true), and that I only married her mother so I could be closer to her (not true, but it could have been true). And she said that eventually, she and I would start fucking and my marriage to her mother would be over. That never happened, but not because it was easy to avoid. The girl would occasionally flash me, or dirty-talk me in person or by phone, and at night she would always have her INCREDIBLE cameltoe on full display, and sometimes she would rub my cock through my pants, or hump me while her mother was in another room, until I pulled away from her. After several months, it finally dawned on me that she was never really attracted to me: she was just trying to blackmail me for money. Knowing that made it easier for me to stay with her mom, and she and I are still married, and the daughter is living with her boyfriend. Sooooo glad I didn't cave.

  • Young girls have daddy fantasies all the time. Acting on them is much more common than our society wants us to think. My step-daughter starting coming on to me when she was just 16.. much the same way - flashing, smiling, suggestive comments. This went on for years, finally accelerating after she graduated high school and was heading off to college.

    I did something different - when she started teasing me with candid photos of herself masturbating, sending me sexy texts, I saved them all and showed them to my wife - her mother. At first she was angry at ME, then when she calmed down and saw I didn't respond to her or take action she started getting turned on. When we would make love she would ask me if I would do our daughter the same way, if I would let her cock my cock, eat my cum. Would I take her ass, if she asked me.

    Finally, about a month before she went away to college I came home to find the 2 of them in bed, naked. My wife's vibrator, a large red rabbit, was on the night stand and obviously wet. They invited me to the bed and my wife encouraged me to take and use our daughter every way she would let me.

    I'm not sure where this is leading. She's home now for summer vacation and spends more time sleeping in our bed with us than in her own. She says she's had boyfriends, but none have measured up to me. My wife has taken to referring to her as her sister wife, rather than our daughter and now there's talk of her getting pregnant after she graduates from college next summer.

    Not that uncommon at all.

  • Riiiiight

  • Sex and raging hormones and horny all go hand in hand. I see nothing wrong at all with consenting adults enjoying the sensual sexual satisfaction with each other. Wish I had these feelings and insights when I was much younger. Now I am 65 and I think sex is natural and awesome. Enjoy life is too short. :)

  • I started going after my step dad when I was 14 but if you saw me then you'd think I was 18 or 19. When I was 16 I use to go in places that required to be 21 but I looked the age and never got asked.
    On my 21st birthday I went into several of the clubs that has been serving me hard stuff and they were shocked to find out when my real birthday was. A few guy I made sweat it out for I could have put them behind bars if I had wanted to but lucky for them I got what I wanted.

  • I will tell you from experience that fucking your stepdaughter will be both an awesome experience and, at the same time, the worst possible thing you could do. My stepdaughter was 18 when she began to behave the same way yours is doing. At times she would even tease me openly when he mother was present, sometimes walking around the house in only her bra and panties. My wife seemed to think her daughter's behavior was normal for a teen and she said she was grateful that her daughter trusted me. It was difficult to ignore the girl, but for nearly two years I resisted the temptation. Finally, about three months ago, while my wife was on an overnight business trip, I gave in and told my stepdaughter that I wanted her. We spent the night fucking, first in my bed, then in hers, then in the shower and then again in my bed. It was the most incredibly sensual experience I've had in a long time ... my stepdaughter was everything I imagined, but that one night changed everything. My wife does not know, but now, her daughter and I fuck every chance we get, even if it's only a quickie in the evening before my wife gets home from work. It is daring, it is risky, but that adds to the intense pleasure we both get from our little trysts. Of course, I am still having regular sex with my wife and there have been a number of times when we've made love only a few hours after I've fucked her daughter. I know it is probably just a matter of time before this thing comes crashing down on me, but I will continue doing it because I can't help myself. Tread lightly, my friend. The path you are on leads to disaster.

  • Omg fuckkkkk me instead

  • Would love to!

  • Plzzzx daddy

  • I feel there is nothing at all wrong with Incest between 2 consenting adults. As long as no one gets pregnant, and there is complete discretion so no one knows and no one gets hurt. Sometimes complete families practice incest even though it is illegal. I the young adults are at least 15 and older I feel it is acceptable. The only problem being is the young adults start to brag and then all hell breaks loose. There must be communication and understanding that discretion is most important. Sex if openly shared can be very sensual, enjoyable and satisfying and not dirty at all.

    I def. do not condone young children being molested and raped at all!!! JUST TO BE CLEAR!!!

  • Maybe somethings are best left to the imagination. Maybe imagine you are fucking the step daughter while fucking your wife.

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