My teasing neighbor

When I was 25 I rented an apartment and across the hall was a girl about my age. Nothing romantic about it but we ended up spending a lot of time together, watching TV and such. But she was such a tease. Her philosophy seemed to be "make them want it and then tell them they can't have it".

I gave her back rubs. She would turn her back, lay down in her panties while I massaged her. Never saw her breasts. It was driving me crazy. One day she said I could come over and she would rub my back. Made me take a shower first. I thought... hmmmm, something is different.

She was slightly drunk. She put down a towel, heated up some oil and knelt beside me as I lay on my back wearing only shorts. She wasn't (as usual) wearing a bra. I decided to be bold and said she should use that oil where it counts. I made her an offer, saying if she gave me a hand job and took off her shirt, I would use my tongue to give her the thrill of her life.

I figured she would throw me out. Instead she took off her shirt and my underwear with a devilish look in her eyes. She did give me the hand job but being evil, before the magic moment she declared it was her turn. Such an evil tease.

She had a weird couch which was also a bed. She lay on her back and spread her legs. I was on my knees on the floor. I gave her all I knew how to and she was really enjoying it. I was conflicted and in pain because she had not finished the job and I hadn't cum yet. Felt like my dick was going to split right open I was so hard.

Finally she cums and a good one it was. I felt myself starting to cum (I had not been touching myself) I tried to hold it but couldn't and spurted all over the front of her couch and on her rug. I wasn't very happy with her because what I really wanted was to be inside her but that wasn't happening.

So I didn't say anything about the mess I made. It was time to go so I got dressed and left. I didn't go over there any more, I'd had it with her teasing and felt a little used.

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  • Good for you! dont let yourself be pushed around!

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