Unfaithful and love it

I have been married for 10 years now. I am addicted to sex and I am extremely kinky. My husband works during the day and daily I am going to someone's house or someone comes to my house to have sex with me. Recently we bought a new house and four on my husbands close friends helped us move. Once the move was complete and my husband was back at work I had three of his four friends gangbang me and I let them finish in me. I'm not ashamed and I loved it and I want to do it again.

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  • Tell us how to reach you so we can fuck

  • I love whores.

  • Way to go!!! Life is too short; keep on fucking, girl.

  • You sound like the perfect girl to get this party started!!
    Keep fucking!

  • Wonderful story and I hope you do it again, must be great for your husbands friends every time they are with him knowing they have fucked his wife and that he has no idea, and you even let them shoot their cum in you....wonderful, must have been really exciting for you when your husband came home from work and you had his friends sperm swimming around inside you and your hubby not knowing, please do it again I've just came reading this.

  • Do you make your husband go down on you and clean you up when he gets home?

  • Start getting a job giving blowjobs for 40 bucks a pop miss.

  • Congrats, dumb whore.

  • Not a good idea to fuck your hubby's friends. One day one of them is going to get drunk around him and let it slip what a slut you are. Then your time of taking advantage of him is over.

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