What a night

I'm a 15 year old girl and my best friend is 16, we've known each other for close to 9 years now. (we are both female)Last week she came over to my house to spend the night and things got crazy. After my parents went to bed and we had dinner we went up stairs to watch a movie. During the movie she said she had to go to the restroom and when she returned she had a glass dildo. I said, "What do you want to do with that?" She didn't answer me. She took off her pants and inserted the dildo into her vagina, I immediately got aroused and started to touch myself. Then I felt a rumble in my stomach. Shit started pouring from my ass and my best friend came and started eating it. I was puking like crazy. i got up and ran to the restroom and my friend followed she pinned me against the wall and ate from my ass. I tried to push her away but she was to strong. She started biting my nipples and i was yelling, Shit was everywhere. I started to enjoy this and we were pleasuring each other. She fingered me so hard, I was bleeding. Nothing seemed to stop her though. She pushes me into the shower and turns the shower on. We made love in the shower, it was great. Until my dad walked in, He said, "what do we have here?" He pulled his pants off and started fucking us both, i was yelling but he put his hand on my mouth. He eventually cummed in me and i sat there, soaked in cum. What a night, right?

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  • You’re one sick twisted fucko!

  • Wake up Dad! You're damn dreaming again!

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