I was molested

When I was about the age between 3 and 4 I was molested by
My mothers half brother. I was visting my granmother, my mom is her oldest child so she has younger children. Well my moms half brother was over at the house I think he was about 13 to 15, at night time he touched me and molested me thate night. That night I lost my innocence, and I havnt forgotton it, this night I just couldn't go to sleep until I atleast confessed to someone. No one knows about it except for you people reading right now. I don't know how I remeber how old I am but I still remmbere what happened to me that night.

Each year when I grow older I think about it more, I can't help but blame my parents and everyone that was suppose to protect me. I tried to committ suicide when I was 13 because of It. I just really wanted to atleast tell someone who well listend. I'm just thinking about how my innocence was taken from me like a pice of clothing. I think about killing him, I won't ever tell my parents but I hope I'll be able to tell someone I really trust some day.

I hate myself sooo much because of what happened, I feel like I can't be a normal teenager.

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  • Please talk to someone else about this.
    our words in this forum might not be enough, but your parents who love you unconditionally will understand and are perfect to talk to about this. Ask them to remain calm when you tell them, and expect a lot of crying, but having to deal with an unwanted conversation is better than murder or suicide.
    I agree that you should press charges or forgive him, or some sort of closure. It's not healthy to keep things like this bottled up inside. Once it's off your chest and dealt with you'll be able to move on with life.
    I wish you all the luck

  • Talk to someone yes, but please don't tell us our parents are so amazing. some are dangerous poison.

  • Invite him over to visit with you and your parents, and a police officer. It isn't too late to press charges, or you can forgive him in front of your parents. Do something, but don't consider killing him or yourself. Your life is too important to just languish.

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