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I confess my boyfriend is just not doing it for me anymore sexually, though i do care for him as a person. he's everything a girl could want, except when it comes to the bedroom. he tries, but is just not very passionate or aggresive the way i need. also sadly he's not very big, which is not such a huge deal but would be nice. he just doesn't try. sex his way is missionary, 15 seconds of foreplay, then just gentle thrusting no kissing for 5 minutes max. afterwards i usually grab a reliable toy and get myself off while he watches or drifts off like he's bored.
i have been blatantly honest with him about this problem. his basic response is that this is just a phase that will pass, and that after we get married and have kids my sex drive will vanish anyway. his main focus is our emotional intellectual connection, and in that area he is confident that we are soulmates for life. when i show him the porn i watch, or try to introduce kinkier websites to him, he acts as if i am a pervert. he also thinks, as do i at times, that i have not fully dealt with some things that happened in the past, and that they affect my
drive and hunger. regardless i am explicit about what i want. and he is understanding but explains he just doesn't share my passions.
i'm not a bad looking girl at all, nor fat. not being stuck up but i get checked out often and asked out more times than i want to. i'm surrounded by guys at work who know i have a boyfriend, but still flirt with me. i honestly wonder how long i can hold out.
i want something animalistic, passionate, wild, even taboo. he wants gentle and boring. btw i am 23, he's 24, we've been together almost 2 years. in that time he's gone down on me ONE time, just not his thing he says. he doesn't even get enthused about a bj, which again is no big loss for me considering the size problem. i've cheated on him 3 times out of sheer desperation. i kept the affairs brief because i wanted no chance of ever hurting him or being found out. i know it won't be long before i cheat again.
i hate being in love with him, and have only myself to blame for this, i know.
i know the marriage proposal is coming this christmas.
i have to decide quickly.

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  • Is this website dying that it is not bringing up stuff posted 6 years back?

    And why are people replying to these posts from the distant past?

  • It's not a phase it's the way he is. It will also worsen as this is the best it will ever be. It's no different what guys commonly go through with females and "hoping" things will get better in time. Let me tell you it does not. Good luck with your growing frustration that will turn to bitterness.

  • He’s gay. That’s whats wrong.

  • DITCH him now girl, or you will regret it and cause both him and yourself immense pain. He clearly isn't respectful of your needs and takes you for granted, but you are also stringing him along and that is cruel.

  • Hi there,
    dont feel bad about wanting more, you need and should have hot horny hard sex, you need a man not a boy, somone who will eat your pussy for hours, and to get you in the doggy poss, and hold on to your hair and pull not to hard just enough to pull your head back so your back will arch, and push your bum up high, that way you can have a big thick nine inch rock hard cock push deep in that tight little pussy, for an hour or so, your should make him sit in the corner and watch , and show him how you should be fucked, hope iv not upset you, but he sounds rubbish, and size does matter, iv said this on tv, if you had two brad pitts, in front of you, and one has five inches, and the other has nine inches, every girl would pick the nine inches, even if you couldn't take nine inches, its there if you wanted it, were as your boy friend could fuck you al night and you would still only get what he has,,,, love bob

  • Ha! thanks! love your attitude! wish he could think like you. i'm really wondering if he's gay. pretty sad that i can't be fucked properly by him , when i could go out to a bar and get 30 offers. grrrr. so damn frustrating. but thanks for understanding. nice to see a guy who knows what this hungry pussy needs.

  • Hi sexy,
    i live in the uk, i dont know where you live, and i dont want you to give any thing away on here cos you never know, but yes i know what a pretty little pussy needs, and id spend all night loving you very well, my thing is i love eating pussy and bum, i could do it all night just because i love it so much, i have sniffed the odd pair of pantys cos i love pussy so much, but thats my thing and i dont exspect anyone to understand why i do it, some thing very sexy about sniffing them when a girl has just taken them off lol, anyway, i hope we can chat again, i do hope you get the big thick hard cock that your sweet pussy needs, bye for now love bob xxx

  • Hello Bob,
    hope you know reading your words has me soaking wet. well also the porn i've been watching. my bf is out of town all weekend and i am aching to head out and find a hung daddy who knows how to please his dirty angel. i want daddy to sniff my panties, the rip them off and take what belongs to him. i also have this dark urge to show my pussy on cam, like to lots of guys, maybe after a few beers i'll get wild.
    wish we could talk much more at length, we could have so much fun tonight....kisses.....

  • Hi babe I'd love to sniff your wet sticky panties while you suck omg this big hard cock. But how can we chat more. I'm on fb so we could be friends. Tell me what you think. Maybe we should. Don't know how to do this private. But omg reading your things on here made me hard as iron last night I played with my cock and had a lovely come all over my belly. Just thinking about eating and fucking you. In front of your boy friend. And not letting him join in. And have you tell him to just sit there and rub his little cock while a real man fucks and sucks his girl friend. Omg I want to chat on fb to you now. What do you think xxx love bob.

  • Hi baby
    god i am so soaking wet for you. i wish your nose was buried in my wet panties right now, feasting before you use me rough, like a slut in heat. how i wish you lived next door, i ache to be fucked like a real woman. my vibrator has been in me all night and day thinking of you daddy, and how i want that big fat cock up me, juicing my pussy and asshole. god i wish there was a way we could skype. i love hearing about your big cock and how you want to use your new whore. we really need to find a way to talk, i know e have so much to share. wet kisses from your juicy fucktoy.

  • Break up with him and move on. Yes, an emotional connection is important, but so is your sex life. Sex and intimacy strengthens your connection. The fact that he dismisses you and your desires is not a good sign for your future together, in and out of the bedroom. Sure, he may not be into what you're into, but he can certainly give other things a go and figure out how to really please you. And maybe that could help him cut loose himself, but he just doesn't sound open to it. Maybe he has low libido. Entering into a marriage with this guy is a dead end. His attitude about sex and that things will pass is a dealbreaker. Sure, things pass. But if your sex life is already dead at 23/24, what will your future be like? Things don't magically get better. If he's not willing to change, expect this for the rest of your time together. He is clearly the wrong guy for you right now. The things you want to experience, you should. Go sow some oats. Be single. Breaking up may be really difficult, but you must put you first. If he's unwilling to make changes, leave. But don't wait until he proposes. Break up before that...that would be even harsher to turn him down in that way.

  • Makes perfect sense. thanks!!

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