My wife will never…

I read all these stories about naughty wives, gf and all crazy sexy things . But my wife never :
Gives me complete blowjob. Never let me finish in her mouth.
Never let me cum on her body. Only once in 10 years of marriage I have came on her big juicy tits.
Never wants to try anal.
Never surprises me with sexy lingerie. Doesn’t even wear ones that I brought for her.
Never ever initiates sex and half of the time is not in mood for sex.
Has no interest in watching P0rn with me.
Has never masturbated in her life.
Wears granny panties.
She is 5’4 , 120 lbs good looking with nice body and juicy 36B breasts.

I have tried many things to excite her and spice up things but to no avails.
I do household chores equally.
Give her gifts and flowers.
Gotten her lingerie and vibrators.
Give her full body massage on Friday
Set up the mood by candles and music and wine.
But nothing seems to be working

Are there many other men in same situation and how did you improve things ? Any practical tips would be appreciated. Thanks

14 days
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    • Maybe it's you.

    • You really have to make your wife happy to be sexually excited. When my wife is happy and had a really good day, she is game for a good fuck in night. The day she got promoted at work, she initiated sex, sucked me good and took my big load in her mouth and few hours later was ready to take it hard in her ass.
      On her birthday earlier this year , I gave her good gift, took her out for fancy brunch and dinner and trust me she fucked me outdoors on a hiking train twice in one hour and later in the night fucked me once more. That’s 3 times in a day

    • 8 out of 10 men are in same boat as you mate

    • Most of this worlds problems will be solved if women have same libido as men.

    • Dam that sucks really dont understand why you married her. My wife was hot back in the days a good 9 but now a 5 but she still blows me wears naughty clothing to bed, swallow my load once in a while . She giving me her ass about 5 times in 20 years but really not my thing. She used love me licking that pussy. If we go to bed and she has granny panties, work out shorts I just say the word and she slides them off. Slide my cock in her a drop a load usually puts her to bed.

    • My wife was the same way, until I got her drunk. I started doing things to her and took videos to show her, now she’s all into everything, we’re planning a threesome soon

    • Then stop trying to make her agreeable. Just roll her on her stomach, pin her down and shove your cock up her ass! If she complains tell her to shut the guck up and pound her ads until you’re ready to cum. Then roll her on her back, pin her arms with your knees and shove your Vick in her mouth and throat fuck here until you cum.

      She will
      Love your forcefulness

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