Obsessed with anal sex

I am a 32 year old mum of two and recently discovered anal sex.

My husband and I separated last year for about 6 months and I briefly saw a guy I met in the gym. He had a great body but no personality so it didn’t last long. We had sex only once. It started with the usual blowjob and then I sat back on the bed and started playing with myself whilst I looked at him. He was very fit but I wasn’t really sure even then that I wanted to go all the way.

My plan was to get him to masturbate whilst I did the same. If he came early as a result I would be happy with that but otherwise I was going to wank him off over my tits.

He was quite aroused and started telling me how hot I looked and I was playing up to that by moaning and grabbing my nipples and getting my legs as wide as I could. My fingers were in and out of my pussy and mouth and I even made him go down on me for a while. As he licked and sucked my clit and buried his tongue into my pussy I could see his left hand rubbing his cock faster and faster.

Suddenly he stood up in front of me and I thought “here it comes”. Not having seen him cum before I didn’t know how much there would be and I was not going to get it on my face so I turned around onto my hands and knees and said “cum on my ass”

He shuffled forward and started rubbing his cock up and down my pussy. To be honest I was very turned on by now so if he had thrust into me I wouldn’t have minded.

He eventually did thrust into me but my ass not my pussy. I yelled and fell forward onto the bed but he followed with his cock still inside me. I yelled at him to stop but he leant forward to keep me where I was and put a hand over my mouth to silence me. He kept thrusting into me and eventually somehow the pain started to subside and got mixed with the pleasure and I felt things I had never felt before. He totally dominated me and I managed to pull his hand away from my mouth and actually found myself encouraging him. I remember telling him to cum in my ass and to fuck my ass harder. I even reached down between my legs to scratch my fingernails across his balls as they slapped against my pussy. He grunted and his cock jerked inside me. I lay there on the bed with cum coming out of my ass whilst I gently brought myself to orgasm. He sat and watched.

I stopped seeing him shortly afterwards. He wasn’t very interesting and I had a real hangup with the fact that practically raped me. I didn’t hate him for it as we were both in the heat of the moment but I certainly didn’t like the fact he thought that little of me.

A short while later I got back with my husband and of course didn’t tell him I had seen anyone else, let alone that I had lost my anal virginity. The problem however is that our normal sex life just doesn’t turn me on. I enjoy it and can orgasm if he fucks me from behind but to be honest I am usually imagining the other guy with his hand over my mouth and his cock deep in my ass spraying my insides with his cum.

17 days
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    • Be honest tell him you love him but foubd beyter lovers when you were apart abd tgat you need bbbc anal to be happy.

    • I love dick in my ass stretching my Asshole out. I wish I could join you

    • I’ll stretch you out anytime

    • Tell your husband you want to try new stuff. You don’t need to tell him about the other guy. Trust me, as a guy, I can pretty much assure you he’ll be thrilled.,

    • Yes, I agree. Tell your husband that you want to spice up your sex life and try anything that he has fantasies about, and that you want to try some of your own fantasies. Hopefully he will get into fucking you in the ass

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