Husband wont let me touch his asshole

I have a husband of 2 years and i want to finger and lick or atleast touch his asshole but he wont let me! When i am jerking him off i will lube his cock with coconut oil and play with his balls and let me fingers slide down his taint and close to his asshole but he has always told me he doesnt like for me to get near it. Lately ive been noticing that he will spread his legs further apart and when i get close to his asshole he moans loudly or tenses up and he will cum very fast. But after he says he doesn't like when i get close to it? Im confused. .. i crave touching his asshole and it turns me on cause he makes it taboo. How do i get him to let me touch or lick it?

19 days
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    • I love getting rimmed and a finger or 2 up my ass. My wife left me when I was 50 so now I pay for beautiful 18-21 year olds to do it

    • I told my wife no at first but I was so into once I finally gave in and fuck it was amazing. Just rubbing my taint are started oozing pre cum then she slid in slow withing a minute I was shooting . After we cum we feel guilty like it's wrong who knows. Trust me when he finally gives in you be doing it more and before you no it pegging him . Just saying

    • Maybe he was molested and raped as a kid and doesn’t like it

    • Lemme fuck your man - I’ll have his Asshole in my mouth. I’ll suck his dick to his balls then stick my tongue in his Asshole while jerking his big dick then I’ll take my hands and rub his wet asshole sticking my pointer finger in his Asshole tasting his ass juices milking his dick

    • Suck his cock a lot and in lots of positions. In some positions you can cup his balls and move a finger up to his asshole. Start with just circling and pressing lightly on his asshole and eventually you can put your finger in. In other positions you can take his cock out of your mouth and lick his balls, slowly and eventually moving further down until you are licking his asshole. He will come to love it.

    • Does he do anything anal with you? It might be something that he doesn't know he likes yet.

    • Some guys (and some women too) confuse a man enjoying anal pleasure with being gay. They get very tense and uncomfortable but really do want it. Make sure he knows it doesn’t mean that and you don’t think that. That it’s just about sexual pleasure. Let him know you enjoy pleasuring him and being his naughty girl. If he drinks or smokes weed that will lower his inhibitions as well which might help. Good luck. I had the exact opposite problem. Ex wife was a sexual prude. Wouldn’t touch me there even though I asked her to and said how much I enjoyed it.

    • Baby steps take your time with him my husband was the same way about me playing with his ass. Be patient and keep trying because once my husband gave into me he realized how good it feels I went from fingers to a small didlo and now I am able to peg him with a strapon that's a good size. It's all about training your husband to find his feminine side.

    • You need to train him better I finger and fuck my husband’s asshole my bulls fuck him also

    • Come to me, u can do to mine anything u want

    • You can do whatever you want to mine. Lick it, play with it, peg it…it’s all yours

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