Dumped Girls

I have been reading about women who were raped and found dead in dumpsters. I did not realize that there were so many women that this has happened to. Not all of the killers have been found.

I masturbate when I read the news articles and think about how sexy they must have looked and tight they must have felt when the light left their eyes. Am I the only person who finds this to be very erotic?

Aug 24
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Dumpster Babies

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    • Imagine how limp, cool, and doll like they were just shortly AFTER dying, she could almost still be alive and just lazily choosing to lay there and ignore you. Tossed into the trash like a little girl's broken, thrift store Barbie doll.

    • OP-
      I woke up very early to check this account. Now I'm going to have to wank twice to keep from popping up in church as I check out the tarts in their tights as I imagine what they would look like after a great shag, then cool and dead. I think my wife and daughters would look very sexy, cold & dead in a dumpster.

    • That's sexy AF!

    • Trollbait - and it worked.👏

    • You're sick

    • No Shit.

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