Find my wife's d***** in the closet.

I was cleaning up the closet, moving my clothes around period
Saw towel wrapped up. So I opened it and found 2 black d***** in it period one was about 9 inches pretty thick, and the other was a monster like almost the size of my arm. I don't understand why she has Them .
We really haven't had sex for over a month. Which concerns me a little bit. She has made be do her and eat her out. And she have gave me a couple Hand jobs.
Somebody help I don't know what's going on

Aug 7
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    • I had bought my wife a 4 inch vibrator she said she would use it. I would check and it would be moved or if I came home early be in her shower bag. I was able to make her cum in 5/10 minutes . Then it would take longer 1/2 hour then 45 minutes then I couldn't even make her cum. Cant compete with batteries.

    • My wife has dildos, she fuvks them when I'm away, sometimes in front of me and when really frisky, she fuvks me with them. Sex toys are more than welcome in our bedroom. Grow up it's just a dildo!

    • She has them so she doesn't need sex with you. Same with my wife.

    • Bullshit

    • It's a rubber dick for fucks sakes. All women have them, at least she hasn't asked you to stick one up your bum yet. You should be so lucky. The 9 inch one I can take, that other one, wholly hell! We men, well many of us can't reach her cervix, let her enjoy them.

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