Is she giving me a hint?

Several weeks ago at work, I was having a casual lunch with three ladies from the office. One is my age (50ish) and three other two are probably late 20s to early 30s. The lady my age was wearing a nice navy skirt suit with beige pantyhose and navy heels, while the other two were dressed more business casual. The first lady noticed at some point that she had a run in her hose and mentioned it and said she'd have to grab her spare pair and change when we got back to the office. The conversation then turned to hosiery and fashion for a few moments. One of the two younger ladies said she hated wearing hose and has only worn them once in the past few years as a bridesmaid at the request of the bride. The second younger lady said she didn't wear them regularly but had some in her lingerie drawer, mostly for when she went home to visit her parents and knew she was expected to wear them for church on Sundays. They asked me my opinion, and I told them that growing up in the '70s and '80s most women wore hosiery, and even into the office in the '90s when I started working after college a lot of ladies regularly wore dresses and hose to the office. I told them that personally, I think it looks more professional and classy than being barelegged and i thought more ladies should consider wearing them, but I also understand that times and fashions change. The conversation then moved on to other topics and we all enjoyed a nice time together.

Bacause of teleworking schedules, I only see the three of them here and there, not regularly
The next two times I saw the second young lady (who wore hose to church) over the following month, each time she was wearing a nice dress, once with beige hose and black heels and once with beige hose and a pair of ankle high boots. While not overly flirtatious, I got the feeling that she went out of her way to make sure I noticed her and what she was wearing. Our telework schedules are published, so she would know when we are scheduled to be in the office on the same day.

Is she trying to give me a hint?

Aug 3
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    • Whoa! Wait a minute.
      If a girl in her 20 or 30s is wearing pantyhose, be careful cause she's got a dick.

    • I’m assuming you’re a guy but your post does not make that clear at all. And if you are, I thought your focus on and discussion about panty hose was very odd until I realized of course that you are a cross dresser with a very particular panty hose fetish. If you are actually wondering if they are trying to give you a hint, they’re not. It’s possible they are hoping for fashion advice or looking to set you up with their gay uncle.

    • Totally agree! If this is a real post, the only way a female in her 20s and early 30s would ask a 50 year old male for fashion advice would be because they think you are G A Y!

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