Our Family's Secret

Our son is a student athlete in his senior year of college playing baseball for a D1 college.
His freshman year, the three of us were visiting a college recruiting him. We were staying at a motel with one room two beds. My wife and I walked to a bar and grill next door for dinner while our son stayed behind. My wife and I were buzzed when we got back. Our son was already asleep. My wife and I went to bed and I went to sleep.
The next morning my wife had already awaken and was in the shower. When she got out she whispered, 'I can't believe you.' I asked, 'What?' She said, 'we had sex and you made a mess. That's why I had to get in the shower.'
She told me she woke up on without her panties on and had dried cum all over her ass, down her leg and was still draining in the shower. We both realized it wasn't me.
We stepped out of the bathroom and asked our son. He confessed. My wife had her tubes tied years ago so there was no concern she'd get pregnant.
We had a long talk and decided to never discuss this incident with anyone.

That was three years ago and the reason I'm confessing this story now.
Ever since that day, my wife and son act very strange when he's home. Almost like they are hiding something. They are always giggling about nothing when I walk in or our of the room. It's like I'm the third wheel and they have a lot of 'inside jokes' together.
I'm convinced they're having sex. I asked my wife. She denies it but I've known her along time and I can tell by the way her eyes shift that she's lying.

Jul 31
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    • Tell her you know they are fucking and you are OK with it. As a matter of fact you want to have a threesome with them!

    • Install some cameras and find out for sure.

    • If this is real, mom and son are fucking.

    • Did is going about this all wrong. Stop worrying yourself so much and find a way to embrace the idea of how hot it would be to get off to sliding your cock into her creamy hole knowing that it feels so good sliding into her tight little hole and feeling it grip around your hard cock as your cock slides easily in and out of her twat as she pleads with you to make her squirt all over your cock like she did on his. Once you get yourself to cum to the idea your wife is being used by your son and sneaking around to fuck him i. Your home, you’ll never want her to quit coming to bed with her pussy fu of her sons cum to let you rub all over her cunt with your cock.

    • I agree. You're lucky this is going on and should use this to your advantage.
      Create opportunities for them to have plenty of alone time. When you get home, ask your son to run an errand. While he's gone. Put the moves on your wife and let her know that you need to f**k. Nothing better than 'sloppy seconds'. Once you experience it, you'll want it again and again. She will too.

    • This story makes no sense. For starters, what college basketball player is skipping dinner? Second, if it’s something they were hiding from you, why would your wife have even brought it up at the hotel? Third, unless your wife was passed out drunk (rather than buzzed) there is no way he could have sex with her without her awareness of that.

    • Agree. It's hard to believe most of the stuff posted on here.

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