Cousin's Wedding

About a month after we got married, my wife's cousin got married. His wife's family came to the wedding and the bride's brother who was a groomsman walked down the church aisle with my wife who was a bridesmaid. Later at the reception, he asked my wife to dance. After the dance, my wife told me that the brother of the bride told her that he wanted to fuck her. He wanted them to leave the reception and find a place to fuck. My wife suggested that he and his wife come to our hotel room after the reception and spend the night with us.
He was reluctant to bring his wife since he didn't want me to fuck her. My wife told him that the only way he would fuck her was if I also fucked his wife. He agreed because he was desperate to fuck my wife.
We had two queen beds in our hotel room, and we all undressed and got on the beds with each other's spouses. Soon I was fucking his wife and after I came in her, I noticed that he couldn't get an erection. He was so upset that I was fucking his wife that he couldn't get it up. He told his wife to get dressed and they quickly left.
The next time that we saw them was a couple of years later. They had a very cute daughter that was about 15 months old. Her mother told me that she was my daughter, and her husband knew since they had found out that he was sterile.
He asked me if I would impregnate his wife again and I did. Imagine what he felt since he never fucked my wife and I fucked and impregnated his wife twice!

Jul 30
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    • That is hot.
      I was pretty reluctant when my husband wanted to swap with a guy he worked with. I ended up being the better end of the deal. She wasn't as attractive or busty as me. My husband lasts way too long so even though my guy was finished before I even got going, it felt like a welcome change of pace. The guy I was with also got jealous pretty quickly. My husband lasts a long time and hearing them keep going and going made this guy really messed up in the head.

      When I learned my husband might have knocked her up, I found myself hoping it was true. I didn't tell him, but I never felt prouder of my husband then when I found out he really did get her pregnant. Unlike the OP we never got with them again. They divorced and she moved away.

    • Ooh nice. The other guy didn't even come close to making you cum? But he unloaded into you? Was his bigger than your husband's? The four of you did it in the same room?

    • Nice. You’re one lucky guy. You got to fuck another man’s wife while he and your wife watched. That is fucking awesome.

      Especially since he and your wife are the ones that wanted to get naughty.


    • Hot!

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