Bday ride

So I get a phone call and it's kaylen asking if I will take her to dispe sary for her 18th I say sure I was kinda freaking cause when she came over to get some weed she was so quiet I never heard her I was naked jacking off as I busted she is there and focused so I freaked I mean Hope has caught me but that was our revenge faith walked in on me and hope as I was Nutting in her face said she don't know why momma cheated I have been Cummings for hrs we still send pics but faith walked in while I was mid stroke I stopped she tool a shower and we fucked for hrs I was actually eaten on her when her momma called and she said that she had the best orgasam had her bf on the phone while I was Nutting in her fa e don't get me wrong Michelle keeps my dickk hard and I make her squirtany way I pick kaylen up I hit lilbump do I am going I go on store come out and kaylen is naked playing with her self I never thought of her that way but now I am she says she has watched me and Michelle fuck she went home and played with herself now she is 18 she says do a shot take your pants off and blows me we ha e to stop so I can taste her young pussyy I make her cum the. I dick her down she asked for a bump and she keeps sicking her mom calls she ask what she said went by David's he gave me so.e bday dick but not really I mean we have stopped 6 times to fuck I have had her naked in the back locking her ass to her pussy she .ales video of me eating and them of my dick driving in her usually takes 1hr to get there took us ten we get back I go home I take care of Michelle I sithere naked j get video chat it's hope she is naked wishing she was there but that time faith walk in gets naked and tells hope to watch she sucjs it good I make he e cum she lets me cum on he e face so the past 3 weeks I been fucking my 25 yo step daughter my 21 year old step daughter my best friends 18 yo and my wife Kaylen comes as soon as Michelle leaves fIth will let me know hope likes to catch me asleep and sit on my fa e I have a great sez life. Jaylen said her mon wen t through her phone and got wet wanting to know who's dock she had she says u will never know just know its fye. Me and Michelle have let her watch she even brought a dude and we had a orgy he couldn't hang well during that irgy we filnes Amy found it and finally seen it was me I was Nutting on her daiughers face Michelle walked in on Me and faith and Hope sent video ofme fuckonh her and I mean fuckinh her we over it now I stay getting sex God irs awesome

Jul 15
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