Anyone like to sit on my stomach and breast

Hi I am a 20 year old girl . I want boys of any age who wants to sit on my stomach and breast for atleast 2 hours. I weighs barely 55 kg and I want boys more than 75 kg. I like being squished and crushed. Apart from stomach and breast he can also sit on my back if he want. Reply if you want to do so.

Feb 20


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    • Hey! I'm a 30 year old unmarried fat guy weighs 115 kg. love sitting on girls bare belly and boobs. I can sit on girls belly and boobs for hours with full weight. I always sit on my girlfriend's bare belly and boobs. (She is 25 years old, very slim and weighs 40 kg. We were childhood friends, and later on we fell in love. We are staying together now and will marry soon). I also eat my food, watch TV sitting on her belly. I love it when I sit with all my weight and her bare belly sinks with my weight. It feels so good. Also I enjoy jumping on her belly. And at night I sleep lying on top of it. She also loves me sitting on her, jumping on her, and sleeping lying on her. We also have hard sex sometimes and we like it when I'm on top of her. So, if you want I can sit on your belly and boobs for hours and do hard jumping too. And I can sleep all night lying on top of you. And along with that, if you want, we can have hard sex too, but I prefer to be in top position. (Also, my girlfriend has no problem with this).

    • Hii can we talk please?

    • Where are you located?

    • What's the matter with you ??? are you fucked up in the head ???

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