The panty drawer

Years ago I lived next door to this older woman, she was in her forties I was about in my early twenties at the time. She was a very attractive woman and I really wanted to just bend her over and make her moan all night. I was married at the time so I wasn't about to cheat on my then wife. Several months later my wife and I decided to put our house on the market, and we occasionally had showings from time to time which meant we had to vacate the house for a bit. My fine as hell neighbor and wife had become good friends and did most things together during those several months and on this particular occasion they decided to go shopping while our house was being viewed. I didn't really want to go shopping so my fine as hell neighbor suggest I could wait at her house while they were shopping and mine and my wifes' house was being viewed by a potential buyer.

Im in her house and I don't really know what came over me even to this day. I stumbled into her room and found her panty drawer. Oh my god, I hit the mother lode jackpot. Instantly I got rock hard in my pants as I felt her soft silky panties in my hands as I rummaged through the drawer. I pulled out a couple of her silky panties and slowly started jerking my cock with them. The material felt so smooth and soft as it glide up and down my shaft. It was at this moment I was so entranced in my illicit masturbation that I got so excited I couldnt hold back anymore. I pumped my cock so hard I blew my load so hard and shot my cum all over her panty drawer soaking several of her panties in cum. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. Knowing she would put her panties on with my cum on them was great masturbation fuel for several years.


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  • Like women won't notice dried cum on their panties. If the cum is wet they won't smell it either.

  • I used to cover the crotch of panties in drawers of many women homes. Sometimes strangers if door left unlocked. A few times with the woman in the house. Then peek them at night through windows. Watching a sexy woman just out of the shower put on panties with cum in them. A few times watch them take them off. Touch and smell the crotches of their panties with bewildered look. They still put them on and wore them...

  • Only in your sick mind. But if you are going into other peoples homes here's to hopping the owner shoots you.

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