Daughter’s Disturbing Online Chat

Recently I stopped regulating my teenage daughter’s online history. That was a mistake.

Last night I checked for the first time in a few weeks, and discovered a very disturbing chat she had with another girl, apparently her age.

It started off fine, introductions, what games they like, etc. I had almost moved on, but then noticed a few more lines down, the girl sent her a link to a porn sight where a young woman was having sex with a monkey!?

That wasn’t the disturbing part. The girl asked what my daughter thought of it, and her response was, it’s ok but I prefer horse ones!?

The girl was excited in her next response asking her if she just like to watch or interested in irl (in real life)? My daughter’s response was BOTH! (Her CAPS)

The girls next response was OMG HOT would you just play with the horse dick or do you want to have sex with it? My daughter said ALL!

(Oh, keep in mind at the time of this chat, my daughter was sitting on the couch next to me as we watched Tv together.. here I thought she was on TikTok…)

And I still haven’t revealed the most disturbing part, but not sure how detailed I can go on this site…

Jul 4
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    • Horse cocks are all young girls' fantasy. She will settle down with a dog well. Get her a dog - she will love him.... I am into dog for more than ten years now and enjoy a lot!

    • Yeah she admitted to having sex with our husky the other night.

    • If she is, in fact, getting it on with the dog(or trying to), then that's at least not going to get her pregnant. That's the kind of math you might end up having to do; there are, indeed, worse outcomes to your daughter having a sex drive. Ask if she's doing anything with human guys; if not, you may have dodged a bullet.Tell her to be careful who she chats with, and to at least ask you first if she's planning on moving on to horses(that's not the "safest" activity).

    • She admitted to it last night. Said she’s been taking him outside every night for last 3 weeks. She even said he pulled out and put in her butt a few times, but she makes him stop after a few minutes cause it hurt too much.

      She also admitted to letting him lick her in her room while she watches horse porn.

    • Woah. Lucky dog. I bet he’s very happy.

    • Wow! I don’t know what so say. I can’t imagine having sex with a dog, but at least she is not going to get pregnant and knows to stop when it hurts.

      But getting locked by a dog is amazing. Been doing that for years.

      It may sound odd. But better her having this beastiality thing going than sleeping with a bunch of guys. Less risk of disease and no risk of pregnancy.

      However, if she does work her way up to a horse she will never want an average man.

    • You can be detailed. People admit to worse on here

    • She told the girl she’s had sex with her dog more than once. She takes him outside at night in the backyard.

    • What kind of dog is it? Does she have a “boyfriend”? Is her father in her life? Does she talk to you or does she do all she can to avoid talking or being near you?

      These are important questions to answer.

      After you answer those questions we can asses if she is actually doing what she says or if she is trying to gain an online friend

    • I am her father. Her mother is gone. No boyfriend. We are close, hang out all the time. Good relationship. (Except for this weird “secret”)

      Our dog is a Siberian Husky. Bigger than her and weighs probably 20 pounds more than her.

      I confronted her about it. She says it’s jokes. Not sure if true or lie. Though the other day, I walked into the living room and he was sniffing her looked like maybe licking and she was giggling then saw me and pushed him away saying “what are you doing silly”.

    • If she has a father figure and you are a good father which you appear to be it her just trying to gain approval on line

    • How old is your daughter. It’s normal for girls to be interested in large cocks. And it’s also normal for girls to boast and try to gain approval

    • She’s 13.

    • Oh my, 13 is a little young for such behavior and desires.

    • Yeah. She’s very advanced for her age. Both mind and body.

    • Don’t know what to say other than watch her and get her on the pill as soon as she has her first period. I was a girl with similar desires and I satisfied my desires with lots of boys and men.

      I was lucky that I never got pregnant or caught anything. I was sexually active throughout HS and college. But I settled down once I met my husband and we have been married for almost 30 years and have 4 wonderful children and 2 grandchildren.

      Just make sure your daughter knows you love her and I hope her dad is actively involved in her life as studies have shown that a father figure is important. I did not have one as my dad dies when I was very young. But our son and daughters grew up fine.

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