Sharing your wife

How many of you men have really shared your wife ?
Why did you do it ?
Did either of you regret it ?
The first time my husband shared me was really weird. When we were younger, had talked about other people that we knew that were swingers and always wonder what they got out of it.
Then when we were in our late 40's an acquaintance that we hadn't seen in years showed up. We were extremely close when we were younger. D didn't have his partner any more and we could see how depressed he was. He stayed the night, husband and I were in bed talking and saying how sad he seemed, he say do you think you could do something for him, I asked if he was serious, only if I wanted to. Well I did but I honestly didn't know how to go about it. Husband said just get naked, slip under the sheets and just be yourself.
That's what I did and I spent a very special night of great love making.
What I thought would be awkward was in the morning, and I was surprised how normal it was for all of us to drink coffee and have breakfast together.
I have slept with a few of our old friends, not that this is a regular occurrence.
When I asked my husband what he gets from this and he said that seeing me happy, that I had changed to be so much more confident.

Jun 27
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    • I started dating my wife when we were in high school. I was her first lover. We dated for nine years before we got married. In that time period I cheated on her with several sluts. I just loved the sluts in bed. The wife was vanilla in bed. I got her to fuck a friend of mine. Then another guy fucked her. Next thing you know she became a married slut. I loved it. I have a great wife whom is a full blown slut.

    • Sharing my wife turned out to be a wonderful thing for both of us because we both learned how to trust each other and to be honest with each other and talk about our feelings. I enjoyed seeing how my wife changed over time being more confident about her body and her sexuality. She found out that she didn't have to be in love with someone in order to have sex with them. I was proud of her for how she handled herself with other men. I was glad that I was man enough to allow my wife to fuck other men and not be jealous afterwards. And for her to come home to me every time was a true test of our relationship together and our sex life was never boring. It been 20 years that I have been sharing my wife with other men and seeing how happy she is with someone new never gets old.

    • Yes I have a few times now but not with our regular friends, guys that we have found online
      I think it would be a bit awkward fucking friends that you have a regular relationship with. Just my personal point of view
      I love watching my wife enjoy other cocks & she loves getting fucked in front of me, it makes us both so horny. I join in too & she loves the attention of two cocks

    • An old girlfriend of mine used to fuck a lot of guys and I would lick her pussy afterwards

    • We were in our late 20's. My SoCal born wife was a very sexy dirty blonde. Med breasted, slim build - but the cutest butt you ever saw!
      My buddy'd had a crush on her for 3 yrs....had been at our house many eves and seen her in her panties and tops several times as she came down, ready for bed.
      Gave us each a kiss.
      One night I dared her to leave her little sheer bikini panties on the kitchen table after I'd fucked her bent over there...knowing he was coming early for coffee and to work on his car. She did! Next morning down she came in her pretty sheer nighty - "Oh, there they are!" she said and took her panties from where he'd been staring at them. She slipped them on...and sat with us at the table - unaware that one of her nipples poking clear through the lace...(He had a Major Thing for her teats - so this was making him crazy!)
      One night he was over - we had drinks - played cards. I suggested strip poke to see what she'd do. She said - "let's do it!"...she was a little drunk - tired of flirting - wanting more attention!
      She was stripped to her panties and top (no bra - she never wore one around him!) She danced slowly with him - in his BVD's. He got hard - poking her belly. she laughed and pulled down his underwear. She had us sit - then stood in front of us and put her thumbs in her bikini panties and pulled them down slowly. she walked to him and told him to remove her shirt. Then they danced naked together.....and she asked him if he wanted to touch her, to kiss her? He did - and they went at each other's bare butts and mouths like no tomorrow!
      She asked him , "do you want to fuck me?". He nodded...then she looked at me, "Can he?"

    • I said , "It's up to you two. ..and looking at his very stiff dick ...I said just please use a rubber, OK?" My wife, I knew had fantasized about giving him the best blow job of his life - so she said, "yeah, before he goes in my puss.... I'll slide on on him, but first...!"
      They agreed - so she took him by the hand and he followed her sweet naked ass up to our big bed.
      We lay her between us, as I lay between her legs and ate her - they kissed deeply and he finally got to hold her breasts! He was a little rough - so she made a girly noise - or maybe it was hard I was sucker her clit!
      She rolled me over, mounted me...while playing with his balls and dick next to us. Then she looked down and asked, "can I do him now?" I nodded and she slid off me and went between his legs and sucked him off, swallowing!
      Then she mounted him and he grabbed her teats and she bounced hard on him he got hard again & they both came in just a few mins! No rubber!
      I was experiencing that cuckold thing : of super hornyness, excitement, disbelief, awe at my wife's open sexiness with another man, (she was all over him - his crotch, and his mouth - fairly growling in her horniness, grunting and mewling..) and a very queasy feeling in my stomach! This is so sick, naughty and s e x y!
      We had built to this for a long time! Her panty flashing him, down-blousing, up-skirting, kissing his dick was buried in her tight young cunt and she was pulling him deeper with her heels around his hips - while their mouths mashed each other. Their kissing so deeply seemed almost 'worse' than their fucking to my mind! He was tasting her sweet mouth!
      I went downstairs as they kept at it. Doggy style the last I looked. Still no rubber.
      Afterwards - I asked if she was now in love with him. She said, "No silly! - it was just sex!" She felt great - seeing how she "still had it!" with other men! Took me awhile to get OK with it.

    • OK, it WAS incredibly sexy watching his dick pulling out her pussy lips clinging tightly to it - then sliding wetly and tightly back into her. His balls against her ass hole between her sweet ass cheeks. Seeing her trying to 'deep throat' his dick - and milking his balls with her soft hands and hearing her gagging a little when he came in her throat. Sometimes she liked it very rough - wanted the guy on top to pound down into her - this made her cum hard every time. Her face would grimace fiercely and noises would escape her mouth - that only happened with these big cums. He did that at least once to her..but I did hear the bed banging hard right before she brought him down the next morning. She was wearing his T-shirt, naked under it. holding his hand, lips swollen from Frenching him, face flushed....with a big female smile on her face. She tried to act so innocent and a little embarrassed at her antics, blushing. But that was just from fucking someone really long and hard!

    • I have shared my wife twice. Both times she met the guy on AOL and they met in a hotel room near by. When she was done she came home and I cleaned out his cum from her pussy. I then fucked her and it was great. I loved it. My wife enjoyed it out the time but felt like a slut later on and she didn't want to do it anymore. 25 years later and we have never done it again.

    • Wow, that how we were, I share my wife a lot when we were young, she enjoyed the different cock some big some not to big. I lick her pussy clean a few times. We ended divorced for a few years, we're now back together but she only been with another lover a couple of times in the last 35 years. We're in our late 60's now.

    • Yes...I have...No regrets...Wife enjoyed every minute...I enjoyed watching 👀...

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