My modest g/f

My hot g/f and I ended up by the lake after dinner and some drinks. We made it to the parking lot and soon I had her naked. I wanted to fuck her but the bucket seats wouldn’t allow it.

She’s 5’4” 122lbs 34c with blond hair and light green eyes and a sweet ass.

We were both pretty worked up and I needed her pussy. I got out of the car and walked to her side and opened the door. She was afraid that we would get caught but since there was nobody around I told her it wouldn’t happen.

After a bit of convincing she got out butt naked. I walked her to the front of the car and laid her back spreading her legs.

I was fucking her in this dimly lit parking lot and she was getting into it and getting loud pointing her pretty feet and painted toes. So sexy

I heard a sound from behind me and saw 3 guys approaching. I had my shorts around my ankles but she was completely naked.

They got within 30 feet before she saw them. She didn’t know what to do. Concerned being seen naked and having sex in public she said “they can see me” I wasn’t about to stop and kept fucking her hard watching her tits bounce with every pounding.

I agreed “ yeah they are watching you being fucked” I told her. This pushed her over the top. Her body tensed and her back arched and she screamed as she orgasmed. Her pussy got so tight I came inside her.

Exhausted I laid my head between her tits as she was still in the throws of her post orgasm.

When I pulled out the guys were standing just feet away. Her legs were still open and my cum was leaking out of her wet pussy

She opened her eyes and looked at them and her whole body turned red with embarrassment. She laid there for a long minute still with her legs spread pretty wide when I offered my hand to help her up.

She stood and looked away from the guys trying to hide her embarrassment. I walked her cute naked ass back to the car where she grabbed her top and tried to cover up.

She doesn’t want to discuss it but I think she secretly liked being watched. I have mentioned taking her back to the lake but she never says anything.

Jun 27
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    • When you do it again, have them all fuck her, like she wanted the first time.

    • Does she normally let you cum inside her?

    • Sure why not?

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