Wife’s friend saw me naked

Back in college, my girlfriend (now wife) had a small apartment off campus. I was there staying the weekend, and her friend from out of town came to visit. I took a shower in the small bathroom, leaving the door open a few inches to vent the steam, as it was a small room with no exhaust fan (and admittedly hoping maybe someone would catch a glimpse of me naked). After finishing my shower, I slid the shower door open, and as I did, there was a perfect sight line between where I was standing, and where her friend was standing in my girlfriends bedroom at her dresser, doing her makeup in the mirror facing me. We locked eyes for a good 3 seconds, then broke our gaze, and I stepped out of the sight line behind the door to dry off. I stroked myself a few times to allow for some…growth… and then knowingly stepped back in the sight line facing her friend for another minute or so as I finished drying off. I caught her glimpse a few quick times, and then we went about our days and never mentioned it. Years later, during some foreplay with the wife, I told her this story and after some initial jealously, it turned her on immensely to know that one of her best friends has seen my business.

Jun 27
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    • Nice. Nothing happened but great fantasies.

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