Wrong hole

My boy friend got me so horny fucking me doggie style, he accidentally anally fucked me. My whole crouch was so wet, before I could tell him he was pushing against the wrong hole, his whole dick was already inside me. When he told me my butt was so tight, I knew he had intentionally done it on perpose I remember getting corn holed with my hands pinned on my back, his finger rubbing my pussy a having such a mind blowing orgasm feeling his sperm gushing inside me I peed myself. I ended up in the shower with my ass dripping sperm down the back of my thighs and getting horny again. I guess I'm over sexed and dying to used my vibrator on him.

Jun 28
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    • The 1st time I was lured into fucking woman that I knew was married, we had a short time before her husband returned. She put herself in a doggie position and lifted up her dress. I pushed by lubricated cock into her pussy but she positioned herself so that I felt my whole cock sliding into her ass. I told her that I was sorry and started to pull my cock out. “You’re right where I want you!”, she said. “I want you to fuck my ass.” “My pussy is for my husband’s cock, at least for now.” I never expected that!

    • I want to use your asshole for my pleasure.

    • I have made it clear to women that I have been dating there is no such thing as the wrong hole. When I am in the mood to butt fuck you I will take your ass. So far about 60% have let me do it to them.

    • We both enjoy it when I enter her from behind. I have not missed hitting the right hole. But from behind she gets excited and extremely wet and wild. I can do her three or four times and she Just gets wetter and keeps cumming
      It’s great

    • I say since he “accidentally” screwed her up the butt, she gets to peg him up the but with a strap on dildo. Bend over boyfriend!!

    • It's only fair my wife have up her ass hole a few times . When she said she wanted to peg I said sure why not. 20 years later she has must of pounded my ass a good 100 times . From some small ones to 10 inch

    • You sound young. Any woman or man will tell you when doing it doggie style the two places are close together. Lol

    • Was ponding the wife in the shower like a jack rabbit . My cock slipped went up her ass she screamed grabbed her ass was jumping around crying . Ripped her she had blood cried for 30 minutes

    • Once, while I was laying between her legs, eating her, looking at her "scenery"! down there - I asked my very sexually experienced wife if any of her dozens of lovers had ever gotten the wrong hole during their excitement when fucking her.
      "I mean, tapping both softly - your anus is very close to your vagina, you know...it could happen!"
      She got angry - "No, all the guys who had sex with me were very focused on what they were doing!"


    • My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years. When we were dating right after I took his virginity the next day, we we tried it doggy style. Because of his inexperience, He was half way up by butt and wouldn’t stop until I yelled twice “wrong hole, wrong hole!!”

    • I assume that he was not your first!

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