Gothic chick in MS

I've never told anyone this and It popped into my head today at work and figured I'd find somewhere online to share it.

I'm 31 now but back in MS I started messing around with this quiet Gothic chick, she was unpopular and most people thought she was weird. The honest truth was, she was actually really nice, just very quiet and reserved. It's bad to say but I didn't want anyone to find out I was talking to or messing with her so I kept it a secret. She lived about a quarter mile from me and I would walk down to her house in the evenings and we would lay a blanket down in the back yard behind their shed and hang out. At first she wouldn't do more than kiss, she wouldn't even make out. But over time she started exploring more and more. It became pretty regular that we would make out and I would finger her. I started going down on her and she really enjoyed that, I can still remember her slight sweaty stench. I never told anyone and luckily she didn't either. I remember her approaching me in the hall one day at school and I panicked, so afraid someone would see me talking to her. I look back at that and I'm truly ashamed of myself. She turned out to be a pretty cute woman. I can still see her pale legs open wide while she was laying there breathing heavy. It's hot to look back on. I wonder if she ever thinks about it.

Jun 9
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    • Can relate to that. Have fucked a couple of ladies that I wouldn't admit to at the time. But they have turned into lovely human beings. Sad on me!

    • Did you take her virginity?

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