Did she

My wife of many years recently admitted that when she was younger, about 25 she had sex with a teenager.
He was 17 and she told me that when she sucked his cock, she could taste his pre cum?
Is this possible?

May 28
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She has no idea


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    • Possible! Spend prolonged period of foreplay and he will release enough precum for you to taste. Yes, precum is more tasty than semen.

    • Actually my wife was 25 and I just turned 17 when we met I was a virgin. She had my cock ooze from day one. Now in are 50's its drooling all the time. Now I love licking it or when she uses my pre cum as lube on my ass.

    • How I'm 53 and I have pre cum all the time . With long enough foreplay and teasing we all have pre cum. Your wife must no my wife cause all she loves is young cock.

    • My wife admitted (took her 3 or 4 tries to get it all confessed!) that she and a girlfriend drove 40 miles together to a night spot. My wife was 32 and still a very sexy blonde. Several guys danced with her - and a sexy youngster bought her the most drinks and was a great fast dancer. Fast dancing makes her very horny! "no idea why, but it does - it's kinda like sex!" she says.
      She let him take her to his place. He pretty much tore her clothes off and laid her on the bed - where he climbed aboard as she wrapped her legs around him for a "nice fuck with a well built youngster!"
      She said the only problem was he decided to turn it into an Olympic event! "He pushed my legs up to my head, and pounded me like he'd never had a girl's pussy before. He worked over her for a very long time - dripping sweat down on my wife - which was not fun she said. I let him have a lot of fun with my vagina - but it was time to end this sporting event - so she stuck her finger in his butt all the way to her knuckle - and yeah - he came hard in her while cussing her out! He wanted to keep banging her!
      She said, "hey, like 1/2 an hour of grunting on top of me isn't enough fun?!" She said it was experiences like this that made her want to bed older guys - appreciative guys who knew how to make a girl feel good!

    • My ex used to do that with our daughters friends when in High school - I found out later in life when I bumped into one of the gentlemen. He found out we divorced and I made a comment about the slut, that’s when he told me a few stories.

    • Not a slit just a mature woman helping young men learn the ropes

    • Why wouldn't you believe that? Were you married to her then?

    • Of course.

    • My wife had sex with an 18 year old when she was 32. She said that he was
      literally dripping pre-cum all during foreplay. That the actual act of sex was awkward at first, that he made up by his energy and enthusiasm. She also said that he was able to reload quickly, and do it multiple times.

    • Young men are amazing. They do lack the skill of a mature man but with a little guidance they definitely outperform.

    • Yes, what are you 12 years old?

    • If she has taste buds, why not?

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