Coed Panty Tea

I as a college student in Kansas and got lucky being the manager of an apartment house a few blocks from campus I rented to girls only college girls I chose from personal interviews. I lived in the converted basement. Once I knew the class schedules of three coeds living on the top floor I raided their dirty laundry they would save all week to take home to wash . Each one had soiled panties I would borrow and take to my apartment to sniff and jerk off to. One day I decided to dip the crotch of a pair of dirty panties into a cup of boiling hot water and make what I called panty tea. First I would place my nose over the steam coming from the hot water that was so fragrant it made my dick hard. Then while jerking off I drank the tea imagining I had something of theirs inside me - namely their pussy fluids. I always blow dried their now clean panties and put them back. I never ever got caught and had a great school year.

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  • I'll never understand the dirty panties fetish. Just so you ladies know, it's not all guys.

  • Sounds hot. I bet you’ll make tons of coin. Stinky Twat Tea, made form the finest ingredients. Market it right and it will be better than green tea lol

  • Should have got caught.
    1969-- At college I worked at a supermarket. Hot divorced cashier (jan) (mid 30's) fancied me, took me back to her place, gave beer then we had sex. The 2nd time we go at it I giver oral foreplay. Did she love that -- and she never had it before. I bet 80% of girls her age never had it then. About the 5th time there she's moaning away and we hear a 2nd singe moan. It was a loft apartment her her roommate was watching. The roommate (Linda) apologizes. Said she it sounded like Jan was in distress came out to check on her. And she was only there 2 seconds when she let her moan out . "sorry, as you were, back to my room"
    About a month later I'm alone with Linda, she asked me help her put together an easel -- which took 10 minutes. Pretty sure Jan gave her a pass. Pretty soon we're in bed naked. I sense that she's been dreaming about me giving her cunnilingus. I don't disappoint -- I giver my A Game -- it's her first time too. I sort of like that she's a little chubby with with big tits and ass. And she was my best fuck to date. By the 3rd time she's "I can't believe I love giving blowjobs"
    After that, 2 more times I set myself up on getting caught giving a girl oral,, and I bat 1,000.

  • Did you sniff any skid marks ? That makes my cock so fucking hard. The pre cum oozes from my cock when I smell a thong that’s been buried up a tight ass crack all day.

  • Of course he did ! How do you think his tea got that nice tea color ? He's down with the brown !

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