Wife's fantasy about Dad's poker party

My wife shared with me that she first started having a fantasy about being the 'prize' at one of her father's poker games when she was barely out of her teens.
Her fantasy goes - her father asks her to be the hostess for a poker night with 3 of his friends from his lodge. He asks her to "wear something nice!"
Before our marriage , my wife has had this thing for much older guys. She has had several, 20 to 30 yrs older, as lovers from her early 20's into her early 30's, when we married. (yes, I'm 12 yrs older than she is - a youngster in her book)
She really gets turned on thinking about having sex with older guys, "They are sooo appreciative of what I do with them in bed - or the front seat of their car!"
Anyway - she decided on her little white short-shorts, with just a hint of butt cheek when she bends - and a simple white button-up blouse worn over a little white push-up bra (for her modest but perky B cup breasts!)
She says that the men got a little 'handsy' as the drinks are served. She said her father caught a couple of the guys patting her rump, and peering down her blouse. She noticed that he only smiled and gave her a wink when he caught his buds ogling her body or feeling her up.
She responded by letting him talk her into opening 2 more buttons of her blouse....exposing more of her young breasts for their enjoyment.....and she noted - her father was not shy about staring at her chest either!
She told me that something about him "checking me out!" - made her very horny! "My 'Dear old Dad' checking out my ass, my teats and the tight crotch of my short-shorts - was so NAUGHTY....and sexy!"
They talked her into pouring herself some wine - and as they all got more and more drunk - the game became less important as she became the center of attention for all 4 of the guys! As she moved around the table, leaning on shoulders of each man, she felt hands stroking up and down her thighs and rear. Bumping her pussy for a moment!
"Was your dad part of the groping?!"
"I'm pretty sure he was the one who got his hand up into the back of my shorts and gave my ass an all-mighty squeeze - as I was giving Bob a little nipple peek!
"So, how did this evening end?"
"Well, all 5 of us were pretty horny. I went up to my bedroom - closed my eyes tightly and kept them that way! - and flopped on my bed. Pretty soon I heard people coming in, and felt hands reach around and undo the button and zip of my short-shorts. Then they were tugged down and slid off my ass - I lifted my butt to make it easier for them! Fingers slid inside my bikini panties, somebody was licking my thighs, another was gently biting my neck and was up in my blouse unsnapping my bra. My butt was pulled up in the air - and a tongue was trying to enter my bottom!
Anyway - honey - they turned me every way imaginable for a couple of hours. My bedroom reeked of sex, and bottoms and crotches and cumming!
Afterwards - My nipples were very tender, my thighs were sore from being spread open (and pushed up!) so often and for so long - and my lips, both of them!, were swollen from so much eager male attention. I had hickies in several new places and, when I used the mirror, I saw that someone had bitten both my butt cheeks!
In short - I was one thoroughly fucked young lady!....(on the pill!, NO rubbers were used!)
And apparently, had given each of my 3 new sex partners a satisfying evening as well. Or, was it 4?!?
"Honey! Your father?!"
"Well, I remember once opening my eyes and peering over my shoulder to see who it was, making those animal noises, nestled down there between my wide -spread legs, with his face buried up in my spread butt cheeks. Those sure looked like my father's eyebrows - but...... it could have been anyone's tongue in my butt!"

She gets so horny imagining this semi-incest group sex romp with older men!
She said she uses it to cum when she's fucking her pillow!

May 24
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    • Now that you are probably about the same age as her dad and his friends were in her story, why don’t you invite to hostess a card game for you and your friends? She could live out her fantasy and you, your fantasy of watching her used by several of your buddies.

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