Just Got Busted

I do massages, I am actually licensed in our State. Being a male, I am also a bit of a rarity, as probably less than 10% of the people in my profession are men.

Being licensed, I can advertise and do, I run ads in a local flyer that is given out for free in small convenience stores, and I also run some ads on the internet, tough to do since quite a few of those, like backpage I used to use, get shut down. Back when Craigslist had a services section, I used that and it worked the best of all, but that method is long gone now.

I get quite a few female clients, word of mouth more than any other way, and most weeks I get at least one a day, and depending on where the customer comes from, I do offer the more personal services. It can be manual, oral, and a few just plain old fashioned sex, so I guess that makes me a male prostitute.

My most common clients have cuckold partners, usually at home but for a fee I have a few I let watch.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a new client, referred by one of my now and then regulars, so I was feeling confident. The first thing she told me was she didn't need a drape, so OK, no hinting, no feeling out process, right?

So, I was ready, waded right in with the touching, and had a condom on the lamp stand table, ready to go, nice looking gal so I was up for it.

I did the massage, worked her breasts which had obvious implants, she was unshaven, and soon I was working down there quite nicely, I had just began to insert a finger at which point she sat up suddenly, reached over to where her clothes were, took out a badge and arrested me.

She got handcuffs from someplace, so there I stood, handcuffed with a stark naked massage board enforcement agent lady getting dressed, and nothing I could do about it.

Downtown, I got smirked at a lot by some of the other cops, but I also got released under a $6000 bond, having to post 10%. Four hours in a cell with strange looking other guys was not fun.

My lawyer suggests I could do as much a six months jail time, but considering the charge, it's pretty unlikely, although my license is suspended and I will lose that for sure. His plan is to use entrapment as a defense, but he also told me that probably was not going to work. The bad part was my name in the paper and sure as hell on the list of people arrested on the massage board website which as yet hasn't come out.

Hell, there are murderers and rapists out there, thieves, my crime is making someone feel good, give them a bit of pleasure. I don't see any wrong in that.

After this is over, I will probably have to move to another State, or get a real job which I will hate.

25 days ago

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    • Do the crime, pay the time.

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