Unless you're a woman you won't understand the Hormones of a young girl..
Yes i lost my virginity at an early age..not to some meaningless young boy my age and not in hide way spot..i lost my virginity on a car... yes on car ..on a 6 month old 1977 Ford Thunderbird to be exact my legs spread open my panties moved aside and my first cock ripping thru me i felt like i was being split open at first but he was careful as i laid back on the hood of the car no one could see us in the garage to make my pussy feel better he told to rub my clit as he rocked slowly back and forth only took very few minutes before my pussy took over my body and i found my self rocking into him and having my first orgasm with a cock in me....he held my legs under his armpits as he leaned on top of me getting deeper making my pussy very uncomfortable then all of a sudden he groaned and grunted by pushing himself deeper as i tried to push him back he had gotten deeper into my soon as he was done he looked at me at tells me to hold my legs up while he gets a clean shop soon as i get up from the hood Niagara falls squirts and drools out of my pussy there was so much of it...Mr Smith (not his name) you really shouldn't do it in me...i could get pregnant i nervously tell him he tells me his son is the only one they wanted for children and for me not to worry about it....since i was dating his son i had plenty of opportunities to fuck him specially when his wife took my boyfriend to hockey practice .......i always manage to get a nice adult cock in my pussy i absolutely loved it without any regrets was long ago and wished i could do it all over again knowing what i know now....

29 days


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    • I lost my virginity at a young age too and have always been embarrassed about it because it was with my older sister and so far was still best I ever experienced


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