Guest speaker at high school full of young thighs

I love up skirts. Catching family or friends exposing the crotch of their panties gets me crazy. My wife indulges my fetish...often, and in public - or at work & nights out with girl friends, and comes home to tell me about the guys she's flashed!
A few years ago - I was asked to speak at my daughter's combined 11/12th grade high school science class.
This is a private school - and the girls ALL wear plaid skirts as their uniform.
I sat at a table in front of the class - with a curved line of students in their desks facing me.
I did not take me long to notice two things:
1) the girls liked to roll their skirts up to be fashionably cute (sexy?)
2) light colored panties were the rule of the day!
OMG !!
After 1/2 an hour the girls in the front row all relaxed, uncrossed their legs.....and thighs began to open some, then more....and I was treated to maybe a dozen pairs of lovely young thighs which culminated up into the sweetest soft-bulging pussies a man could ever imagine burying his face into!
I carefully avoided glancing where my daughter was sitting, smiling proudly at me, giving such a captivating talk to her classmates - because, horribly, I could see her sweet panties, too! "Dammit girl! Stop that. Get your knees together - I'm your father! Pull your skirt down!" I kept my eyes drifted her way, again and again - out of my control!
I masturbated that evening - like crazy.
And I still masturbate now, reliving that 2 hours of all all those sweet young thighs and panties - and, yes, I sadly recall that my daughter's panties are in that lust-filled memory, too. Which is embarrassing as hell to admit!

30 days

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    • I guess when you're staring at a group of teen pussies - you can forget that the one on the far right is your daughter's !
      Understandable - but still rather "naughty" fits right in here!

    • More than a few years ago I was at a retirement party for a teacher at our school. I was a senior when he was a fresh faced kid out of college.
      Well we were joking about this subject and he said it was funny, when I started a lot of girls wore skirts and he said more than a few went commando. He speculated that a some maye have done it to bother him, some might have just forgotten. But the most hilarious thing he said was when he started there wasn't the waxing and pussy shaving going on that got common.
      He said that a lot of times you could see they didn't have panties on but they were so hairy you really couldn't see anything, as opposed to the end of his career when if the girls were commando there was a pussy there.

    • I love extremely hairy pussy

    • Well, seeing teenage pubes would get most men even hotter!
      Ah- BTW - girls don't forget their panties! We are very conscious about any odors from down there. Even a healthy puss gives off a little scent!....and we never wanted our bare puss to be touching desk or cafeteria seats!
      So, he was exaggerating how many girls went pantiless!
      Sorry boys.

    • I live to sniff pussy and asshole aroma on dirty warm panties

    • So, jerk - checking out your own high school daughter's panties?

    • That is hot!
      And sick.
      And hot!
      Imagine being their teacher every day!
      The guy would be beating-off every lunch period.

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