Older friend Broke me in!

It all started innocent enough. An older friend of the family offered to give me a ride to school because our family had relocated to a town 30 minutes away from the town where I had been going to school. His family had done the same thing a year before, but since he was now 15 they had bought him a car so he could go back and forth. He was a very good looking guy, he had shoulder length black hair with big blue eyes, he was tall, had broad shoulders, he was in great shape because he was into sports, he was on the swim team and also wrestled. I was 10 years old and almost feline looking. I didn’t start to build muscle until about 14. I knew little about sex and had never heard the term gay or bi before. Even though I was much younger he seemed to like hanging out with me. He would take me places like skating or to the movies. He even helped me with my studies, and I guess our parents never thought anything could be wrong with our relationship. They even allowed me to sleepover on school nights because it would be convenient if I we’re already there in the mornings for school!
When I would sleep over we slept in the same bed. He liked to cuddle and I was ok with that. It felt nice having his much bigger warm body cuddled up behind me.
We always slept in our underwear until one event that would change everything! I took a fall skating and hurt my lower back right by my tailbone. He applied some icy-hot rub to help with the pain and said it would not work as well if covered so I should just sleep without my underwear. He even offered to take his underwear off too so I would feel more comfortable. Later that night I woke up with something poking me at the top of my thighs, right below my butt. I reached back to see what it was and grabbed ahold of his hard cock! I had seen his cock before, but only soft. This thing felt huge and hard, but soft and warm at the same time. I tried to reposition myself and his cock to be more comfortable, but ended up just lifting one of my legs and letting it go between my thighs where there was more room for it.
When I woke up the next morning, it was still between my thighs, but had gotten soft and there was a gooey mess between my legs! I freaked out and asked him what had happened. He went on to explain orgasms to me and that being completely nude and so close to me made him hard, and that when I put his cock between my legs it didn’t take long for him to cum it felt so good!
He also told me that some guys do stuff like this to make each other cum, and that an older guy had taught him about all kinds of things guys do together when he was my age.
He even taught me how to masturbate to get the good feeling. And showed me how if felt much better if someone else did it to you.
So that set the pace for a while. When I would sleep over he would fuck me between my thighs, but he would play with me while he did it so we would both orgasm! I couldn’t make cum yet, but it felt so good!
A few weeks later he asked if I wanted to fuck him, but he wanted me to put it in his butt hole.
He said it would feel even better than what he was doing to me.
I was reluctant at first then agreed, It felt so good! I was hooked for sure! He seemed to enjoy this also and even came without touching his cock!
Next he would teach me about blowjobs. He sucked me first and then talked me through giving him one.
The next time we got together he sucked my cock, but also starts rubbing around my hole with a finger which felt amazing then pushed it deep right when I came.
He continued to play with my hole, he even started licking it and working additional fingers in until he had loosened me up and was working three fingers in and out of me with ease! I knew what was coming, but was still a little scared it would hurt. I rolled over on my back. I wanted to watch him as he fucked me. He did have to ask, he just looked at me and I nodded. I did want to try this after watching how much he enjoyed me fucking his ass!
He entered me slowly, taking his time. It must have been 10 minutes before he got the whole thing in me, but he never caused me any pain and the more he fucked the better it felt. I was actually pushing back meeting his forward thrust to heighten the feelings! We both came at the same time. It was amazing.
He did eventually introduce me to the older guy that broke him in. It was his uncle and we all had sex together a few times.
This went on until I started dating girls at about 16. He did turn out to be gay and met another guy my age that he still lives with.
He and I still get together every now and then!

Apr 26

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