That Day

There was a day. I remember that pull out couch well.
When I arrived he was nervous. We were strangers who met on the internet. Soon he was naked and sitting on the pullout couch of his tiny apartment. I was also naked, and on my knees.
To this day his cock is the largest I have ever seen, or sucked, or taken. When I first saw it I said "Holy shit. People have sat on this and lived?"
He smiled and nodded his head. "I get compliments on the size of my cock all the time."
I sucked it for probably a half hour. That was actually a relief. Before that he had laid me on the bed on my back and was frotting me. I hate that shit. Why rub your cocks together when you can turn me over and fuck me? I couldn't breathe he was kissing me so much and I was bored of rubbing his ass and back. Much better when I finally convinced him to put me on my knees.
I took all of his cock I could into my mouth. Then I put my hand on it at the base. It was so big there was an inch or two still showing. I've never wanted to deep throat so bad, but I have a huge gag reflex. I did the best I could and even took the time to lick his balls. It feels good for them and is a huge turn on for me. I love being submissive. Nothing says "you own me" like licking a man's balls.
I swallowed a lot of pre-cum (ror). Very nice. Then I got him to bend me over. Much to my dismay he pulled out a condom. I wanted him to take me bareback and told him so, but he refused. He started me on all fours then had me lay down when it was halfway in. He rode me down and bottomed out when we landed. We were both surprised that I took the whole thing. Me because it was huge. Him because he said it had never happened before.
That was a huge turn on for him I think. His cock was so big the condom stopped 2 inches short of the root. That meant the ENTIRE condom was in my ass.
He fucked me good while I begged him to cum inside of me. I also said other fucked up things to him to turn him on. It worked. The only time it hurt was when he stopped to work it deep inside. He was using all his weight to push down on me and I was rocking my ass back at him. We must have found the bottom because I was finally out of room. There was a painful pinching feeling. I pulled away but didn't come off the dick. He went back to rhythmically fucking me face down.
When he finally came I only heard him grunt. That was the only indication my willing ass took his load. It's so much hotter bareback. You can feel that shit hit your insides and spread out in you. It might be my imagination, but they always seem to push deeper and linger longer with no condom. They're making sure you take all of it, and I do.
He lifted himself off, pulled off the condom and showed it to me. There was a huge load down in the end. "There you go" he said. "I came in you."
To this day I regret not cleaning off his dick with my mouth. That cock was beautiful and dripping wet at the end. It would have been a nice submissive finish to give him ass to mouth.
That was it, he didn't call me again. I was really disappointed, I wanted that cock over and over but it taught me a valuable lesson. Submission is doing what he wants, and only what he wants. I asked for too much because I wanted a good hard dicking. I should have let him kiss me for hours if that's what he wanted.
I've learned my lesson. Where are the hot dominant men? I'm ready, full Submission and full service.

Apr 25


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    • And I will happily bareback your ass.

    • You're perfect. I'd love to have my way with you.

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