Developed kink

I walked in on my wife while she was having a wank with her vibrator. She was shocked and went to hide her toy but I told her to carry on because it was sexy.
She said I’d have to suck on her nipples while she did because she thought it was a bit creepy and off putting if I just stood there and watched her.
I stripped, did what she asked, wanked my cock and she soon orgasmed.
I lay on my back and continued to wank. My wife looked over and said that in all our years together, she had never seen me wank. She continued to watch me until I spunked and I spunked a lot.
It became a thing we did when she was on the rag, developing to me kneeling on the bed while she stroked my balls, arse and thighs. Sometimes she would suck my nipples and quietly encourage me to wank faster.
Later, another development. She started to finger my arse and fondle my balls while telling me how fast to wank, when to slow down and when to go for my orgasm. I really like having having my balls fondled and arse fingered and my wife was/is fascinated by how my balls lift and tighten and likes my arse spasms on her fingers.
On occasion I’ll position myself so that I come on my face while she dildos me, messy but sexy.
I’d like her to peg me but she’s not keen for some reason. We’re an early sixties/late fifties couple and I wish we had started this fun kink earlier than in our forties.
We still have ‘normal’ sex but she has never wanked for me while I watched.
Any other couples on here developed kinky wanking sessions?

Apr 25

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    • My wife says she masturbates every day in the shower and about every other day with her dildo, I use the dildo on her often we masturbate together at least once a week, she will jerk me off while I use the dildo on her while she talks to me about other men and women she has fucked.

    • My wife won’t tell me about her sexual past and doesn’t want to know about mine.
      I know she had a boyfriend with a 9” cock before we met and she told me that unless she was really wet it used to hurt her when they had sex.

    • My wife and I only masturbate with each other. We have not had sex in years but we masturbate together several times a week.

    • May I ask how that came about and do you use toys and different methods?

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