Wife Asked Me

My wife of 7 years and I were having sex and I finished pretty quick. She asked me to go down on her till she had her orgasm. I was resistant as I had just cum in her. She told me to just do it for her because she needed to get off. I reluctantly did it. I just pushed through it. It wasn't horrible but not really my thing. Once she got off I wiped off my face and returned to the top of the bed with her. She looked at me and laughed and said, "I can't believe you actually did it."

I told her that I only did it because she asked.

She laughed some more and texted her sister.

Apr 21

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      If you don’t keep her satisfied she will find someone who will

    • Her sister knows how well you fuck her and then went down on your wife. I would imagine you wife’s sister was getting wet as your wife was describing everything to her. My wife’s best friend would always tell her about her husband’s cock size and sex. My wife would tell me about it, then suddenly stopped. A few years later I learned why, he started fucking my wife. Be prepared, sometime when you and your wife’s sister are alone she is going to want you to fuck her pussy then go down on her. Now that you’re educated, it won’t take you as long to learn that when you go down on your wife, the cum on your lips and tongue, is from another man. You have gone full circle.

    • Not far off. I used to tell my BFF and neighbor all about our sex life as she was always complaining about her hubby. Before I knew it we were having three ways and have I have been enjoying watching my hubby pound my petite friend, Andrea.

      We have been enjoying each other for 15 years now.

    • Shit now her sister going to want your cock and barback in her. Count yourself lucky lad

    • Bro it's only you grow up. Shit wait for the day my wife says get down there and clean it up I keep hinting to her that I want to. Before we were married and dating she had cheated came home straight to bed but I was horny and wanted to lick her pussy . She did not want me to but after my begging she gave in little that I know I was cleaning up a bbc fresh load in my girlfriend.

    • I busted a nut in a girls mouth once and I thought she had swallowed it. Instead she got up and gave me a passionate kiss with her mouthful of cum. I wasn’t expecting it and I can’t really say I liked it but I did find it hot as hell!

    • Wow 7 years, tf took you so long? "guys is it gay if I go down on my girl after I nut in her?" I did that shit immediately after nutting in my girl 5 years ago, ain't nothin gross about it.

    • OMG if you're lucky you'll get her sister's creampies also. My wife's sister used to bring them to me after she and her x fucked. We live away now but when we visit I get to eat her special pies. I eat every one of my wifes! I love them!

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    • I do that to my wife sometimes. I struggled a bit at first but I’m ok with it now. I’d like to lick her pussy after watching another man fuck her.

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