Dirty stinky unwashed wife

I love the smell and taste of my wifes pussy and ass. It gets better and better the longer she´s not washing and wearing the same panties. When the kids stay at the grandparents at weekend, I ask my wife to stop washing (just the pussy and ass) for serveral days. She doesn´t feel so comfortable with it, but agrees to do so. Now I want even more and I started to dig into her ass for poop to taste (she doesn´t know). When I catch a bit I rub it on her anus und then lick it off imagine that she forces me to do so right now. It´s a mix... arousing and disgusting the same time. Just overwhelming. I also asked her to pee during 69 but she refused. Enough is enough she said. Hopefully she will do it one day if I keep trying and asking her to trust me.

P.S. Interestingliy some girls smell and taste like slimey fish right after they had a shower and others (like my wife) taste like sweet cake even days later... must be pheromones idk

Apr 20

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    • My wife and I love to watch naked and afraid. I like to make comments, like bet that pussy smells so damn good right now. Id love to dig my tongue into one of them sexy chick's after 21 days! I couldn't do this challenge, I'd stay to horny and wanna fuck the naked chick thry paird me with. There is a trans last season that was with a dude. I'd have kept a boner looking at them sweet tits with a huge cock. Yea I'm that dirty!

    • Yep I get bummed when my wife showers. I love eating her when she hasn't bathed for a couple days. Her female scent makes my cock throb and pulse. I love trying to get my tongue up her lovely little asshole too. Never smells bad like poop, just say. I force her cheeks open as I lick and drool on her dumper. She never acts excited but I think she enjoys the pleasure and is afraid to admit it. I love when her hormones are flowing and her white cream builds up in her pussy. I lick it and sniff it.

    • I love smelling gf's panties after the gym. And her yoga pants, tennis shorts, running shorts

    • Pheromones. It’s actually science

    • I love eating my wife after she hasn't showered for a couple of days. I always get hard when I taste her pee.

    • I love when my wife climbs on top of me cowgirl style and after fucking me she slides up and straddles my face and makes me eat my cum out then she will make me drink her pee that makes me cum again

    • My wife don't get it, she'll have been at work all day and I want her when she gets home, she says I've got to shower first. He'll no, this washes off the flavor thst I crave. She isn't dirty or stinky, it's just a stronger smell than if showered in a really good way. My wife's lussy always tastes good, especially after I just creampied her!

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