Grinding on my wife's thigh

When I was a teenager, my favorite way to masturbate was to lie face-down on my mattress and grind my penis until I ejaculated. I would also do the same with a pillow on the floor of my bedroom.

Today, my wife likes it when she lies down on her back and I straddle her thigh and hump and grind my penis until I cum. Her leg feels like a warm, soft pillow. I will suck on her nipple and rub her clit when I do this, so she's getting pleasure too. I can usually time my orgasm with hers this way.

I'm wondering if anybody else has ever done this?

Apr 20

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    • My wife with face down position naked exposing her beautiful ass cheeks tempts me so much that I lie over her with my erect throbbing cock nudged between her ass-cheeks. I move up-n-down as she squeezes her cheeks from time to time till I cum on her back. My favorite masturbation techniques when she was in those period of the months.

    • I have humped my wife’s calves and fucked her feet. It was a turn on.

    • Sure have. It's really nice when she shares her best fuck stories with one of her former lovers!.....gets me super horny and hard and I can cum in a heart-beat!
      She doesn't mind all the warm stuff I've shot onto her thighs and into her pubes over the years.
      We fuck normal, too. She likes to be on top - but really really likes to be pounded down into the bed by the guy - harder the better - says she feels really raped that the girl can't help that a guy is on top of her fucking her silly for his pleasure! (she needn't feel guilty for him being in her pussy!)

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