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I did attend Catholic school, and I did wear a uniform. That has always interested the men I have dated. I wear it for them if they want. Part of their thrill is that I actually wore it. It wasn't just some anime story.

What I have found is a near direct correlation between how a man's position of authority at work, during the day, is nearly proportionally opposite to how he is in the bedroom. For example, one ex had a job that required he be aggressive and take charge. What he wanted more than anything else was for me to order him to lick my feet and to take a dildo up his ass. It was very long, two sided, and I had it up my pussy while I took him from behind. The harder I pounded, the more he moaned. The more dominating I became, the more he loved it.

I've also found that men who were raised to be religious - or who are religious as adults - are absolutely sex driven. They are the kinky ones !

Apr 17

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    • Many of my girlfriends loved the naughty student roleplaying and would wear the outfits. Also the cheerleader outfits
      Yes i am a Catholic Italian man lol
      Would love to chat more

    • Just going by stereotypes, but Catholic Italians are passionate, expressive people. At least those I have known definitely are. Lots of repression. Lots of willingness in the bedroom.

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