Closet lesbian

I used to stay with my Aunt and my fathers brother In Connecticut in my late teens. On a rainy afternoon one summer I came in early from swimming to grab a towel in the master bathroom and realized my Uncle was in the dressing area masturbating his quite large penis in front of a full length mirror. I slipped into the closet quickly, hoping he wouldn’t see or hear me. It got me so hot, I started to play with my nipples and my clit. It was sooo hot to watch him stroke that long rod while his face distorted as cum shot all over the mirror and a towel on the floor. He grabbed his clothes and left the house, I heard his car pull out. I was still in the closet, playing with my pussy, when I noticed something in a partially opened drawer, sex toys,velvet ropes and nipple clamps. As I pulled it open to see more I heard a whisper, “I was wondering where you went”? Said my uncles wife, as she stood behind me naked and gorgeous. “I followed you on the camera monitor, I was hoping you found my favorite drawer”. She whispered as she touchy my breasts slowly and removed my top without another word, she caressed my pussy with her tongue through my pan ties as she dropped to her knees and pullymy bathing suit bottoms off with her lips, (my heart was pounding as my pussy got so Wet), she pulled me close by my knees and licked my clit until I almost screamed when she laid me face down in the carpet with a jacket from the rack she folded under my waist, strapped on an 8 inch dildo, squirted gel all over my ass and pussy and fucked me until I Screamed with an Orgasm I Never, Ever had again. But Secretly, even to this day, we share Alone time Together in her closet as often as we can, trying!

Apr 17

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    • I’m starting to think no one is straight anymore, or maybe I am just wishing. I’m a guy and married but I also want to have sex with a man. I think it is fantastic and wish we could all just be who we are.

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