Wife sexual confessions / experiences

Has your wife or girlfriend told you what she got up to before you sexually?
What did she do?
Did it turn you on knowing?
Did anything she told you shock you?

Apr 17


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    • My wife was an innocent virgin when I met her, NOT.
      I'm surprised that they are women that share their prior sexual experiences with their partners. I find that most won't or will lie, especially boomer generation.
      I've meet a few people that ran in my wife's social circles before I met her. They told me some really interesting things and when I asked the wife about it, she said they were jealous liars.
      Also funny as if I love her, I wouldn't listen to gossip. Yeah right

    • Yes i agree. They want to know everything about us, rumors or not, with all the dirty details, but when we ask them, they get real quiet or get pissed off about what we tell them lol

    • She shocked me a lot when she told me about what one older guy got her into.
      You need to understand that this is a Sunday school helper, choir member, very proper office worker ..... very conservative and very attractive blonde who gets hit on every day!
      "What? what did you two do?"
      "Well, one night in his car after a long drive back from dinner. He asked me to get in the back seat so he could fuck me. I'd been plying with him as he drove - and he was fingering me. Well...when I tried to go ver the front seat to the back - he stopped me as I was want over and hanging back there . He pushed my dress up and yanked down my panties and starting licking my butt hole like a crazy man! I was shocked - but oh how I loved it!"
      "When we got to his apt he told me it was going to my turn to 'do' him! He took a shower, came out and lay spread-eagled on his big bed and ordered me to lick his ass! Ordered me to!"
      "What did you do?"
      "His ass was all hairy and dark, and I got between his legs - used my thumbs to spread his big beefy ass and dove into it! I kept thinking that this is SO naughty....and that I was absolutely loving it....and the noises I was making are embarrassing to remember....because I came twice! while eating his big dark bottom!"
      I know those 'noises'. I one backed up to her naked as she sat on the couch = stuck my ass in her face and ordered her to eat me. The growls and grunts that came from her were amazing as she ate my butt out! I knew she was cumming.....

    • I love hearing about the different guys she fucked before me. She had done some threescore before me and I love hearing about them. She has had a LOT of dick and some pushy before me.

    • Fake

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