Classic TV

Ever since I was a kid I’d been wacking off to babe from my favorite tv shows. My favorites being Ginger from Gilligan’s Island, Laurie from The Dick Van Dyke Show, Morticia from the Addams Family, Kate Jackson from Charlie’s Angels, The first Marylin from the Munsters, and Mindy from Mork and Mindy. I also beat it to a lot of TV moms from the 80s and 90s. Angela from Who’s the Boss, Claire from the Cosby Show, the moms from ALF, Growing Pains, Family Ties, Home Improvement, and Boy Meets World. Last but not least… Aunt Becky from Full House. Boy did I really enjoy destroying them in my wet dreams. Ah, good childhood.

Apr 11

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    • Laurie, Mary Tyler Moore, I hadn’t thought about her in a long time! Boy I wanted to ram my fat cock up her hairy cunt! I would have licked her asshole clean.
      I would have loved to have stuffed my face into Aunt Becky’s ass!

    • Rebecca (Lori Laughlin) on Full House was ridiculously hot and sexy. But then she was convicted in college bribery scandal. Can you imagine how much pussy or how many bjs the prosecutor or judge could have gotten to not prosecute or convict. Damn! Think of what she would have been willing to do!

    • I can only imagen what all the dykes in the jailhouse thought when aunt Becky walked through the door!

    • Oh I can definitely imagine. I wonder if she gave in to her repressed urge. Or if she had any choice.

    • I have to commend you and concur with your selections, almost entirely. I’m a Mary Ann guy over Ginger. But let’s face it. That’s a classic dilemma the world over. Oh who am I kidding? I’d happily fuck Ginger too.

    • There is an episode where Tony carries her OTS in a yellow pant suit! Angela’s ass in the air! I would have loved to have sniffed that ass. Angela Bower was the best.

    • I can’t say I remember that episode, but her pantsuits were epic. Angela had a phenomenal ass.

    • Mmmm, that would be hot , just bury my face in that ass while she is over Tony's shoulder, laughing and kinda struggling but loving it!! Angela was really sexy, thin , tall , and needed a good pounding!

    • Oh wow! Was watching leave it to beaver the other day and damn, June was pretty hot, the dress and heels and I am sure sheer panties,garter belt or girdle with thigh high stockings.... Also happened to catch who's the boss, Angela was frickin sexy af, great body and face. Always dressed in those business pant suits or dresses!! Gorgeous!! Even Mona was hot, big tits, and she was always horny!

    • I loved Mona's big tits bouncing lol

    • Angela always tried to be a prude, but I would love to peel down those dress slacks and fancy seamless panties, down to her ankles, inside out, with her heels still on. Set her on top of her desk and eat her pussy and ass till she was cumming, squirting! Then strip her and bend her over the desk and pound that advertising exec's holes!

    • I’m next!

    • Mmm, think how lucky Tony is sorting and washing her dirty panties.... Gusset thick with jizz and stained from her squirting all over, as well as scented from wearing them all day at the office...

    • And her asshole skid marks!! I’d whiff those while I beat my cock every day .

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