Wedding dress manequin

My twin sister, Julie, is getting married in a few weeks time and my mother is making her wedding dress. All of her measurements were taken before she had to return to university and she would be coming home a week before the wedding.
My mother had completed the dress but needed to see how it looked on a model. She didn’t have a taylors dummy and asked if I could help as I was of a similar height and weight to my sister.
I said that if that was the only option I would her out but to promise to tell anybody. She was so pleased and promised it would be our secret.
She told me to undress and then asked me to put on the wedding lingerie as this would help the flow of the dress. I looked at the white basque, panties and stockings and was beginning to have second thoughts.
She assured me nobody else would know and she would help me get dressed.
I undressed and she slipped the lacy panties up my legs, and I had to arrange my cock in the see through front.
Next came the basque which had a padded bra and the suspender straps were put through the panties. Silky, white stockings came next and my mother attached these to the straps.
White shoes with a three inch heel were handed to me to put on, then came the wedding dress. My mother put these over my head and fastened the zip and bows and then stood back.
She said that it needed something else to complete the look and went to her bedroom and brought back a blonde, shoulder length curly wig which she put on my head and said perfect.
She took a photo to send to my sister and asked if she could send another one in just her lingerie. I wasn’t sure this was a good idea but agreed as long it wouldn’t be shown to anybody else.
I was helped off with the dress, standing in just a white basque, panties and stockings for the photo . A few seconds later a neighbour walked in and saw me. To say she was shocked would be an understatement but when my mother explained why, she understood and said how sexy I looked.
My cock was beginning to stir and this didn’t go unnoticed.she said that I was obviously enjoying the experience and would I like a hand with that, pointing to my cock in the see through panties.
My mother said that because I had been so good in helping her with the fitting, that if I wanted to, it would be fine with her. My neighbour approached me and slid my cock out of the panties and slowly rubbed it up and down as my mother watched.
My neighbour was getting turned on and lowered her mouth to my cock.
It didn’t take long for me to cum in her mouth, taking care not to mess the wedding lingerie.
From that day on, my mother dresses me in bra, panties, suspender belt and stockings around the house. Occasionally she dresses me as a schoolgirl or French maid to clean the house.
Tomorrow we are going shopping for more sexy underwear and mini skirts and even talking about going out fully dressed.
Looking forward to the wedding and even talking about being her bridesmaid.

Apr 9

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    • Did you stain the wedding lingerie ?

    • Just so good

    • You have a fantastic mother your ever so lucky, do you still see your neighbour

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