First time as guy.

Been married for 30 years I'm 55-year-old male. Me and my wife has a few close friends we hang out with a lot. Last year we had a two of our friends over for a cookout that we do a lot in the summertime. Thy are the same age as us and very nice friends. After dinner the wives were setting by the fire. So, we decided to go in the garage to smoke a cagier just me and Roger and take about stuff like guys do. After a few shots. Roger looked outside to see if they were still by the fire. When he came back, he just said it. You want a blowjob? Just like that! I said from my wife. He said I don't mine sucking a guy's cock offend. At first, I was shocked I have known him for 25 years. I said are you joking? He said no I'm not. I'll keep it sort. I had pulled out my dick and he didn't waste any time sucking it. I must say it was good and he was good at it. And he swallows all of it cum and all. That was over a year ago. And I still let him suck my cock when Thay come over for a visit.

Apr 9


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    • I think my wife knows. It looks like that’s thy thy come over so he can get so sucking.

    • Wives are all bitches, mine will only let me watch her with her bull if I first fluff him.

    • My wife knows that I sucking cock and it doesn't really bother her that I do it. I have a friend who is married and he comes over once or twice a week for me to suck him off. At first he didn't want my wife to be around because he was nervous that she might tell someone. One day he was over and I was on my knees sucking his cock and she opened up the door to the bedroom and seen us she looked at him and said make sure that he swallows every drop and turned around and walked out. He couldn't believe how cool she was seeing me with a cock in my mouth. Now he comes over a lot more and I will suck him off right in front of my wife and she will tell him to fuck my mouth and throat that's what your here for. He will come over and watch football and I will take my time sucking his cock and sometimes my wife will let him fuck her if I am working and he comes over.

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