Drunk on grindr

I'm 27, straight but when I drink I have urges try different things. I got a little tipsy this weekend and decided to dress up, I ended up at target, I bought a thong, womens leggings and a tank top. I got home and put it all on and honestly felt so hot. I had the urge to use a dildo but couldn't work up the courage to go to the sex shop so I went to the dollar store and bought a hair brush with a rubber handle. I ended up experimenting with that for a couple hours before I downloaded grindr. It took less than 20 minutes to find someone in my town. By this point I was pretty drunk so I invited him over. He comes in and instantly starts kissing on me and I just went with it. He had me lay on my back on the bed while he licked my balls and ass. Then he gets on top of me and tries to put it in with no lube like wtf haha. I grabbed my lube and before long he was completely inside me. I had my legs up and spread and he's pounding away, it was so fucking hot. I eventually end up on top, I have no idea how to ride but I'm doing it somehow. Then I lay on my back while he laid beside me and he fucked me until we both came literally at the same time. It was magical! It wasn't even awkward after, we continued to cuddle and kiss after. We are both closeted but we're seriously considering dating on the low. We text daily and I'm curious to see where this leads.

Apr 4

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    • Awesome job finding someone. I've had no luck finding anyone local to me that I find even remotely attractive. Everybody that responds seems to end up looking fucking homeless, bad teeth, nasty etc. Never seem to find someone I would consider even touching. I know lower my standards, but I'm not sucking off a nasty dude. I guess attractive guys just don't post here.

    • Yeah its all luck i guess, don't lower your standards

    • Sounds like you had Dan amazing time and a new lifestyle to explore.

      Fucking hot story too.

    • It was amazing, were actually dating now, we haven't told anyone yet but were actually really happy. We both have a high sex drive so thats nice as well.

    • Congratulations! All the best to you both

    • You poofer!

    • What's a poofer?

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