Lap dance becomes more

I have a reputation as a prude. I don’t like seeing sex in movies and have not been very adventurous in sex. I was a virgin until I got married.
One time in vacation, I had too many sweet, seemingly harmless drinks at a hotel club with my husband. I didn’t realize how drunk I was. He was also drunk. We went back to our room and he fell asleep immediately. I decided to go back for one more drink.

As I downed it, I slipped. To balance myself, I put my hand out and it landed in this guy’s lap. He was hard as a rock and I gripped it through his pants. When I realized what I was doing, I apologized and don’t know why I rubbed it as if I had spilled on it. He spun me around and sat me in his lap. Told me I owed him a lap dance for what I did. I didn’t say anything and just did that. I didn’t realize my skirt was riding up. Soon my panties were fully visible. His hand slipped inside and I get super wet.

I don’t remember going to his room, but woke there naked in bed with him. I had cum all over me. I quietly slipped out, got back to my room, and found my husband still passed out on the bed fully clothed. I showered and got ready for the day. He never found out. I’m no longer as much of a prude.

Apr 3

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    • Was this your first time getting fucked by another man? Have you ever done it again?

    • My neighbor and I were extremely close, she felt like a sister to me. She was worried that her husband was cheating on her. She felt that way be frankly she wasn't enjoying sex much and thought he was looking elsewhere for it.
      Asked me to try to seduce him. I agreed reluctantly cuz I thought he was very nice guy. Well he didn't fall for my charms and I told her.
      A couple of weeks later he fixed my faucet for me. When he was done I thanked him, and he said any time, but what I did was really shifty. I was a bit confused and said what and then pulled me right up tight and you know what you did, and then he kissed me. I was going to resist, but I kissed him back. Ended up in bed with him. Never told anyone. Always wonder why she lost her sex drive as I was impressed with the screwing he gave me

    • My husband and I rented a beach house at the outer banks with our neighbors right after the pandemic. My husband and I are mid 40s and our neighbors are mid 50s. One night Teri left alone for a concert. My husband doesn't drink much and had finished a bottle of bourbon and went to bed. I was wearing a swimsuit, sitting on the back deck enjoying the sunset with Frank. I'd had a few glasses of wine and was very buzzed. Frank started flirting and rubbed his hand up my leg.
      After it got dark, I was sitting on the rail with my legs open. Frank pulled my swim bottoms to the side and was sliding in and out of me. We never told anyone and after a couple of years, things have not been weird between us either.
      I'll confess, I'd do it again.

    • Not too keen on cheating whores, but consensual is fun! Being a hot wife can be fun if he is a part of the decision. If he don't know and wouldn't approve, you are just another slut and deserve what's coming if he finds out.

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