My bf talked me into it

We were backpacking at new year and my boyfriend has been wanting to watch me with another guy so I finally decided that I would if that’s what he wanted so he hid in the closet at this hostel and I invited a older guy about 28 to my room and let him screw me for like half an hour while josh was watching us secretly

Mar 28


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    • My first real boyfriend took my virginity. Right after I got used to it, with him, he started wanting me to help his friend lose his virginity too. I eventually did, but then he wanted me to do another friend, to help the other friend become a man. Each time I relented he'd find another close friend he wanted me to screw.

      As weird as it was, I kind of liked helping guys lose their V-cards with me. What I didn't expect was, once a friend of his got with me once, my boyfriend and his friend, assumed I was fine to keep having sex with both my boyfriend and his friend. So, I went from being a virgin to sleeping with five guys in a day in just 4 months. At first it was always one on one but after there were five of them, they started sharing me.

      It got weirder and I had to give him up to keep my soul. He got me to give him another chance but before long he was gangbanging me with his friends again. I broke up with him several more times and each time he'd get me to go back. Each time I got back with him he'd soon end up sharing me with a new guy before gangbanging me with friends of his.

      I would have married him if polyandry was legal and normal, but it isn't, and I wanted to me normal. So, I eventually left him for good.

    • Sounds like he was manipulating you. Do you regret your encounters with the men?

    • I was different, started dating my husband , we were16, we married 18. Had our first child shortly before I turned 19.
      Hubby was in the service for 28 years. We stayed faithful all the time.
      When I was 55, an old friend from the service dropped in for a visit. I slept with him because my husband asked me to as he'd had some really bad times. Wasn't going to do it, but agreed, and while it might have been more than a bit weird at first, then we took a break spoke a little then we made love and it was great

    • So you don’t regret it?

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