Why are some guys obsessed with pantyhose?

I get an ‘allowance’ from a few SDs I met using an app. They’re mid 40s to mid 50s. It’s discrete, fun and easy. We plan a ‘date’ they pay for dinner, have sex afterward and I get an easy ‘allowance’. They buy me things like LBDs and cute shoes from Amazon. My bf has no clue and thinks I’m clubbing with friends. One of my SD’s asked me to wear pantyhose on a ‘date’. The only pair I had was footless from my brief career as a waitress. I had to quit cause the manager was a POS and kept scheduling me to work when I had classes. He said footless would be Ok and hot. I wore boots with a dress so it’d look right. After dinner he liked the look, sex was intense and I got extra ‘allowance’. He asked me to wear the uniform the next time. I agreed but told him I’d bring it and change into it. I no longer have the white sketchers so I wore white chucks. OMG he pounded it out of me! I rarely orgasm but did that time AND got extra in my ‘allowance’! I asked my other SDs if they liked pantyhose. Three told me yes but didn’t want the footless or the waitress uniform. I got one pair at CVS. I used the chart and got size small. I’m 5’ 11” 120lb with no butt. They were tight, uncomfortable and tore easily. I like the footless better. One SD got me a pair of Leg Avenue crotchless and some thigh highs from Amazon. They got runs easy but they felt amazing. He asked for a foot job first. Sex was intense and he gave me extra ‘allowance’. None of my other SDs care if I wear pantyhose or offered to raise my ‘allowance’ if I wore them. My bf doesn’t care for pantyhose. We rarely have sex so one time I wore the crotchless for him. He said it was a definite turnoff and went to his xbox. I wore my footless with dance shorts to his friends house while they were binge gaming. No one noticed or made a comment.
What IS the obsession with pantyhose?

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  • I prefer fishnets over pantyhose but really I love it when a girl wears high heels thats is a huge turn on for me

  • Wouldn't the guy sniff my who pussy instead of my panties lol

  • This sounds legit and being a female and former employee in the sex industry I’d like to toss out some advice to the author.

    1. Dump your boyfriend. NOT because you're screwing sugar daddies, it’s because you stated, “My bf doesn’t care for pantyhose. We rarely have sex so one time I wore the crotchless for him. He said it was a definite turnoff and went to his xbox.” Your boyfriend and his friends are losers. It’s HIS loss and YOU CAN DO BETTER! I had boyfriends that knew what I did and they were ALWAYS willing to have sex. I’m convinced you’re attractive and desirable because you have a list of clients that pay you regularly. I also assume you’re smart and organized because not many people can juggle multiple ‘daddies’. If you’re wearing crotchless pantyhose and he doesn’t want to pounce you. Then dump the bf. You’ll be glad you did.

    2. Get used to looking classy and wearing pantyhose. The goal with what you’re doing is to make money, have fun and meet people. Appearance is everything and it sounds like you already have ‘daddies’ willing to pay extra if you wear what they like. As long as it’s within reason, do what they ask and the money will follow. Start wearing pantyhose they’ll start paying more.

  • 3. Make the most money you can because time is not your friend. If you bust ass to stay fit, you may still have a ‘daddy’ or two by age 28, probably not. I’m betting around age 24-25 you’ll start loosing daddies to younger girls. It’s the circle of life. Daddies want young girls with a look of style and class. Communicate with your ‘daddies’ about your wardrobe because when the pandemic passes, I’m sure they’ll be taking you to upscale restaurants and country clubs again. They’re the perfect resource for giving you advice on what to wear AND it’s all in the details. They know what’s classy vs trashy. They’re paying you a nice ‘allowance’ because they want people to think they’ve scored a young classy woman. A few wrong wardrobe details and certain people will know you’re just a paid escort.

    4. Take care of your vagina and it’ll take care of you. Vaginal health is VERY important. There are numerous articles on the internet with health advice, drinking apple cider vinegar is one. You decided to use your vagina to make money so it needs your support. Insist your ‘daddies’ use protection ALL THE TIME! Even anal. The sex industry requires everyone to get tested often. It’s lots of paperwork to ensure everyone’s safety. That’s why the sex industry is safer than what you’re doing. You don’t have this security so you need to look out for yourself and your vagina. I’m sure daddy won’t pay if he can’t play.

    5. Use his contacts. If you’re in school, work hard to finish because the day will come and daddy will cut you off. The ‘allowance’ will go to someone hotter and younger. Daddy is not going to take a risk hiring you with his company. He has contacts and can get you a job at a friend’s company. If you’ve been a good ‘baby’ he’ll be glad to do it.

  • I like dark blue pantyhose with the catholic school girl look.

  • Pantyhose obsession ? LOL ! Three things you need to know about pantyhose : they totally thwart finger-fucking, if you wear them, when you fart, your ankles will swell ( briefly ) and a machete is not a good tool for clearing them from the shower curtain rod where some bitch put them to dry. Now, get back on your back, or knees, and earn that allowance !

  • I have an obsession for pantyhose and heels. I think a women looks so sexy. Something about pantyhose and heels turn me on.

  • I personally love pantyhose on women. I love the pantyhose with the seam also. I love thigh highs too. Yes I can relate to being obsessed with nylons. My girlfriend came to my house one day wearing a long top coat and underneath she was wearing thigh high stockings lace panties and bra and heels. This was such a turn on. I love black. I also enjoy seeing women in a dress wearing nice pantyhose. A must is a nice pair of heels.

  • I love the smell and feel of pantyhose. Gives me instant hard on.

  • Every man I’ve known likes pantyhose so they can rip out the crotch and fuck me.

  • I would love to rip the back open and get u on all fours and fuck your ass.

  • Sexual association.

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