My work wife wanted to be pregnant

She worked with me for a while. We became office friends, and she morphed into being my office wife. She baked for me, and she made sure that she served me my morning coffee. She took over all of the responsibilities the department secretary did for me. She also took over my bills, paying them. She worked out with my wife how much she needed. She was the paymaster, my wife had to ask her for mokney.

One day she came in and said that she wanted to talk, seriously. She wanted to experience sex. She wore a dress that day and she reached under her dress and took off her panties and laid face down on my desk and opened her legs, pulling her dress up above her waist, exposing her naked bare butt. She wanted it and to feel like she had been fucked, and not to withdraw before ejaculating. She wanted to go home with my semen in her.

She timed it so that she would most likely be pregnant. She phoned my wife first to confirm it to her. They had talked before, and had agreed on her getting pregnant. My wife had volunteered to take care of the baby, but my wife told me she wanted her to stay home with the baby for six months. She would continue to be my work wife and my wife at home my home wife, just like always, but with a new baby.

Mar 28


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    • My P.A. used to call herself "wife #2" lol

    • Sounds great - fill both of them with arms and legs.

    • Good man keep procreating. That is what men are supposed to do.

    • Perfect Mormon family if you’re also keeping your home wife sexually satisfied and pregnant.

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