My 23 yr old wife invited another couple over

She came out of the bedroom and mentioned that - after we'd watched that porn tape at their apt last w/e she had suggested to her girl friend that we might play some cards together tonight. "Maybe strip-poker!?"
I looked in some surprise at my wife - we'd sex-talked in bed about stuff like this - but had never done anything more than that one pretty nasty low-quality video tape.
Then ...I noticed what she was wearing for a possible game of strip-poker with this couple, in their late 30's - the husband of whom had a known major crush on my sexy young wife - my sexy slim young blonde wife is barefoot, and wearing a thin tight pair of cotton hip-hugger slacks, and a shorty T-shirt top. Her panty lines were quite apparent - bikinis by the looks of things, her pointy nipples said 'no bra tonight' - she's not big breasted, but still...?
So - she loses ONE hand, she is either going to be topless, or standing there in her bikini panties over her tight little ass - depending on how sexy she wants to be.
The other couple showed up.
The wife..... is dressed like she is going to a PTA meeting in an unheated room! Full dress, slip, stockings, shoes, sweater, bra and probably granny-panties. It'll be daylight before we see any of her flesh - not that her pare-shape is anything to get excited about - even butt naked!
Guess what did not happen that night! He had to settle for slow dancing and feeling up my wife in the kitchen - what - he didn't think I saw that? They were also swapping spit, and his hand was doing something in my wife's crotch!
BIG fight after they left. I didn't care how drunk she was......a real set-up if ever there was one!
I got the baby in the divorce 18 mos later.

Mar 21

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