My wife Kelly and I had been married for about 10 years. We got along great, but almost no sex. We could talk about anything. In the early years of our relationship, we shared everything. Past experiences, no question was off limits. We both swore true answers only. I was always truthful, but I wasn't sure about her. She gave some pretty slutty responses most of the time, but I think she was holding back. Anyway, after 10 years, I got her started with the talks. She agreed that we needed to resurrect our sex life.
Where we are now because of that is unbelievable. Being older, our values and ideas about sex had matured. Fewer things were off limits. Out tastes had changed. We were both open to trying new things.
We started roleplaying. We had always looked at people involved in PDAs and said get a room between ourselves. We became those people. It was mostly in semi public places. Instead of inside the restaurant, we would go at it in the parking lot, and over the first few months, we were having a blast in the parking lots. We had some exciting moments, near misses, getting caught, taking more risks.
We rekindled the fire and it's great to have our marriage back on track.
I'll post some of our experiences soon.

Mar 18


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    • My wife and I did the same,I asked her if she'd had a threesome and she admitted to having two,one with her friend and a guy and with two men and her! It really turned me on,did they both fuck you I said? She giggled saying they dp'ed her! Would you think about doing it again with me I said, she was quite shocked,maybe she said but it would have to be with the right person,

    • Your stories are unreadable.

    • Our sex life is hot now. As I've mentioned in other articles about my micro penis that doesn't get hard and how I satisfied wife with dildos but I wanted her to have real mens cocks and cum . Our sex life is wild and exciting now. We have a mutual male friend with a big curved cock that makes my wife puuur! He has other guys from a local college visit her now and then which is amazing. Have you ever asked Kelly if she would enjoy another man's cock inside her? It's surprising what you learn while watching another guy pleasure your wife. Seeing another guys semen drip from your wife is so erotic.

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