I Wish It Was Smaller

I wish my penis was smaller. It is average just a smidge over 6". I wish I had a small dick like 3" or 4". Then my wife could make fun of it and humiliate me for having a small cock.

Mar 12

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    • I'd love to have your 6" cock..... down my throat! To be serious, I'm 3 1/2 fully erect and it's not all it's cut out to be having a tiny penis. I like to tuck mine inside itself when soft and pretend I have a clit. It's embarrassing sometimes but I often wish it was bigger. So wife endures my wishes and finds a bigger one for us to share. Like yours, be proud. Bet it's a beautiful 6 inch dick!

    • I don't know why anyone would want to have a small penis I have had to live my whole life with a tiny penis. I was made fun of in school because of it most of the time I have to sit down to pee so I don't make a mess on the toilet seat. I have never really had normal sex with a woman because even when I am hard it's only 2 inches long. And when I am soft there's nothing there. I have been humiliated and embarrassed all my life my wife married me knowing that I couldn't satisfy her needs and I think that she only married me so I could feel kinda normal but that's hard to do when she's fucking other men. I have been to doctors as a young boy and they told my parents that this happens to some boys that I just stopped developing and that my penis won't get any bigger. Just saying be glad for what God gave you because I have always wanted to be normal and be able to have sex with someone instead of being laughed at or pitted.

    • Just have your wife cage your dick and take estrogen; it will shrink and become useless in no time.

    • I didn't know that would actually work. I will give it a try.

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