What do you all think?

Men in their 40s and 50s, do you all think they are sexy? I’m a woman in her late twenties attracted to men in their 40s and 50s, but is anyone else… guys or girls please answer.

Mar 12

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    • The best lover I ever had was my 50+ boss when I was in my 20s. He still sets me on fire today. It would kill my husband if he knew. Only reason I’m not with him today is because he wouldn’t leave his wife.

    • I would love for me and my husband to pleasure you until you can’t stand up. We are (me) 43 (him) 51
      HMU if you’re interested! Reply here and I will give you a way to contact us. :*

    • My wife tells this story:
      When she was 26 and working in the courthouse - she'd get hit on by older lawyers and elected officials all the time. The 60 yr old treasurer was her boss - he grabbed her butt one day in his office and kissed her on the mouth. He was married. That night he was very drunk with his wife out of town - he called her and asked her, "Jody, have you ever been butt-fucked?" I loved her reply, "Why do you ask?" Apparently he did, too!
      He shot over to her apt. - pinned her against the wall and started stripping her.
      She figured the only way out of this situation was to suck him off. She didn't want him to fuck her - since they worked together - not in her cunt or her butt. So, she got him stripped below the waist - let him suck her small teats to get hard - then she lay him on her couch and sucked him off. Of course being a jerk of a boss - he came in her mouth without warning her. "I knew you'd want my cream baby!" he yelled as he came and held onto her head, gagging her and squirting...
      Another lawyer brought her to his office to show her something one evening. In 5 minutes he was standing in front of where she was sitting and wrapping his fingers into her long blonde hair jerking her head towards his crotch and "face fucking" her. (her words)
      She likes older guys.....and they liked her young body, too!

    • When I was 18 I had my first job at a convenience store. The gentleman that owned it was really good looking in his upper 40s. I always kind of had a flirty reputation but had only been with my boyfriend of 3 years up until that point. I always used to stay over and help him close up one day he took me in his office and things just kind of progressed and the next thing you knew he had his cock out of his pants wanting it sucked and oh my God it was so big! I obliged that night I had never experienced anything like him before he was so big and strong didn't have a chance to say no he blew the biggest load in my mouth. After he got done he shook it off in my mouth and asked me if I enjoyed it and of course I said yes very much. He asked me if I was on the pill which I was and he told me he would start fucking me the next night went on for over 5 years. After he had been fucking me about 2 months and it was every night my pussy was really different and my boyfriend knew but he said it was okay as long as I came home to him. Now what is so crazy is that I married him and I never quit fucking others but since I've gotten older I've switched I love the younger guys fucking my pussy now I want 19 to 25-year-olds with big cock they never go soft

    • I’m 51 and my wife is 33 she never wants younger guys but I do approve of her having sex dates with older guys she goes out with them then comes home and I reclaim her it the best

    • Well i am 63 and i have run into many younger women here in Vegas. Youngest was 19 a couple years ago.major daddy issues lol
      Currently my fwb is 30 so i guess us old guys still have it

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